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  1. bilymayshere

    Updates of 7/6/2016

    has this set been changed at all since this? does it max more then 70s?
  2. bilymayshere

    ESO suggestion post update

    I agree with raising or adding alch value to those items but changing the damage output of eso could affect too much. I also think eso should be able to get recharged in other ways especially for ironmam, maybe with guthix tickets or something.
  3. bilymayshere

    Forum Giveaways! [LIMITED TIME]: May 3rd - May 5th

    danget i just remembered my password lol
  4. bilymayshere

    Tanglefoot Guide

    Here's a quick guide to Tanglefoot. They are LvL 111 combat with 200hp and use melee. Grab your usual PVM gear along with an Overload flask and food, and go to ::tanglefoot. There will be 4 of them in the single combat area. They are fairly easy to kill but will occasionally hit 20's so Soul Split would be a good idea here. As always there are no items lost outside of wild so happy hunting Below is a list of possible drops. Drops: 2 Magic Seeds: 1/30 4 Yew Seeds: 1/20 3 Torstol Seeds: 1/35 5 Noted Grimy Torstol: 1/20 2 Noted Overload Flasks: 1/40 Overload Making Scroll: 1/350 Magic Secateurs (farming bonus): 1/450
  5. you should add the key numbers next to who drops them
  6. bilymayshere

    [req] volcanic release

    i like the double crossbows