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  1. Kiteshield

    Should Soul Split be banned from PVP

    Big part of PKing is gear switching and prayer switching. Soulsplit is so OP that protection for range/mage/melee isn't even worth it because soulsplit is better. Without soulsplit PKing would be a lot more skill based, trying to get hits on the opponents wrong prayers. For example; Switching to mage gear Opponent switching to prot mage Quickly equip a bow and bolt them for full damage because they still have prot mage on
  2. Congratulations to Elementalwar to be the first to defeat the Behemoth!
  3. Kiteshield

    Manic Wiki

    https://manic.wikia.com/wiki/Manic_Wiki I created a wiki 4-5 months ago, never finished it. To many items, to many NPCs, feel free to contribute by adding articles
  4. Hi, I just found a pretty big bug, but it's not letting me PM you. it says "Kiteshield cannot receive messages'

  5. No the 50-100b is a one time payment to create the item. Instead of spending Sacri Points like the older items you spent cash instead.
  6. The 50-100b is a one-time payment. It does not require that much money when degrading.
  7. Hello Manic, Today we're releasing the Gluttonous Behemoth, a new boss that is the strongest boss Manic has ever seen! We've also included a new design for Sacrificial Gear that comes for free Everyone who has Sacrificial Gear will notice it will now look a lot better! Gluttonous Behemoth - The Strongest Boss Manic has ever seen! ... Can you defeat it? Start the boss fight by entering the new portal at home, bring your best gear! We recommend you to bring both Melee, Range and Magic weaponry! Other then that we will not give any tips on how to defeat the boss, you'll have to figure that out on your own! The Rewards The boss is epic, and so are the rewards! Every time you manage to kill the Behemoth you will receive a Magma Cape and a Chest of Gains Magma Cape The Magma Cape is an untradeable cape, you will ALWAYS receive the Magma Cape if you successfully defeat the Behemoth. This cape is to show everyone that you've in fact killed this extremely hard boss. But... That's not it! This cape when worn will give a 50% discount on repairing Sacrificial Gear! So be sure to get the cape if you own a set of Sacrificial gear to receive a 50% discount on every repair, permanently. Chest of Gains The Chest of Gains is a new chest, you will always get one chest after killing the Behemoth. This chest will contain an epic reward, and if you're lucky it can contain one of the following new items: Glorious Sacrificial Kit (Rare drop from Chest of Gains) This new Sacrificial Kit is made to make the following Sacrificial items: -Sacrificial Cape -Sacrificial Staff -Sacrificial Ring -Sacrificial Sigil More information on the stats of these Sacrificial items you'll find at the bottom of this post Imperial Gear (Rare drop from Chest of Gains) The new Imperial Gear can be used for both Range and Melee. Imperial gear, however, is mainly focussed on Range, if you wear all 3 pieces of Imperial Gear you'll have a 10% Damage increase on EVERY range hit! Making it the new best-in-slot gear for Range. Gluttonous Behemoth (Super Rare drop from Chest of Gains) This pet will be by far the rarest pet in-game, and also the strongest! Are you lucky enough to obtain it? New Sacrificial Items After you've obtained the new Glorious Sacrificial Kit from the boss, or purchased from another player you can go to the Sacrificial Altar to make the new items! Sacrificial Cape The Sacrificial cape is the upgraded version of the Drop Boost Cape, this means that the Sacrificial cape will give a higher drop rate than the Drop Boost Cape! An extra 0,75x Droprate! To obtain the Sacrificial cape bring the following items to the Sacrificial Altar: -Glorious Sacri Upgrade Kit -Drop Boost Cape -150 Bill Tickets (cash) This will create the new Sacrificial cape, which like all other Sacri items, is untradeable. Sacrificial Staff The Sacrificial staff is the upgraded version of the Esoteric Staff, this means that the Sacrificial Staff will give a higher max hit than the Esoteric Staff, an extra 20+ Max hits! To obtain the Sacrificial Staff bring the following items to the Sacrificial Altar: -Glorious Sacri Upgrade Kit -Esoteric Staff -100 Bill Tickets (cash) This will create the new Sacrificial Staff, which like all other Sacri items, is untradeable. Sacrificial Sigil The Sacrificial Sigil is the upgraded version of the Maxhit Sigil, this means that the Sacrificial Sigil will give a higher Max Hit than the Max Hit Sigil! An extra 5% maxhit! To obtain the Sacrificial Sigil bring the following items to the Sacrificial Altar: -Glorious Sacri Upgrade Kit -Maxhit Sigil -100 Bill Tickets (cash) This will create the new Sacrificial Sigil, which like all other Sacri items, is untradeable. Sacrificial Ring The Sacrificial cape is the upgraded version of the Fighters Ring of Wealth, this means that the Sacrificial Ring will give higher stats than the Fighters ROW. It has the same drop rate effect as Fighters ROW. To obtain the Sacrificial Ring bring the following items to the Sacrificial Altar: -Glorious Sacri Upgrade Kit -Fighters Ring of Wealth -50 Bill Tickets (cash) This will create the new Sacrificial Ring, which like all other Sacri items, is untradeable.
  8. Hello Manic, We'll be working on fixing all in-game bugs, however, we're just simply not aware of all the bugs in-game. So I'll be rewarding players for every bug they report. How to report a bug? Simply copy the format below and post it with information about the bug you found. The format: (copy and paste this in your post) What is the bug you found? Please give an explanation of what the bug does. ANSWER HERE Step by step, how do you re-create the bug? ANSWER HERE On a scale of 1-10 how game-breaking or impactful is your bug? ANSWER HERE IF YOU RATE YOUR BUG A 7 OR HIGHER INSTEAD OF POSTING IT HERE, FORUM MESSAGE ME IT A good example of a high-rating bug would be one that will allow players to gain unfair advantages like items or gold. A good example of a low-rating bug would be that fletching a certain bow doesn't give exp. I will be personally handing out the rewards in-game, I'll just message you either in-game or on the forums for you to claim your reward. The reward will be at least 250M but can go upwards of Billions, depending on how big the bug you reported actually is. Current know bugs you don't have to report are: - Commands linking to the Manic forums not working - Regular Mystery boxes can't be opened - Ironman can't get their loot from Teh Justin boss
  9. Kiteshield

    I have returned!

    Hello Manic, I've returned to Manic, I've been away for a total of 4 months, in this time I've focussed on IRL (work) and some other games. In the next couple of months I will have enough free time to dedicate to Manic. Some of you might remember me, but some of you might be new players. For those who are new here is a quick run down: I started playing Manic as a regular player and joined the staff team after a while, I quickly ended up helping Justin with updates. Some of the iconic updates that I've designed/made are: -Trues Dayth boss -Sacrificial gear -Instanced dungeon final Boss ... and many more I'm not sure how active I will be in-game but I'll be quite active behind the scenes in making new updates. My first focus is on releasing another PvM boss, the hardest Boss Manic has seen to date. It will be a boss, not every player can defeat, only the best of PvMers that dedicate their time to learning the boss will be rewarded. The best way to contact me for questions is through forum messages :) -Kiteshield
  10. Kiteshield

    Instanced Dungeon hard mode guide

    Skip to 36 min if you only want to see the final boss fight. www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOn_LYoczf8
  11. Updated on 03/16/2018: All bugs have been fixed and some parts of the dungeon have been made easier and quicker and some parts have been made harder. Hello Manic, Today we're releasing (updated) instanced dungeons! These dungeons are a though PVM challenge where you'll face multiple bosses each with their own mechanics. To start the instanced dungeon you'll have to talk to the "Mercenary Adventurer" at home, he'll have a quest for you. After you complete the quest you can enter the dungeon in either easy, medium or hard mode. With the higher the difficulty giving more loot. The following items are banned from the dungeon: -All food types -All potion types -All Pets and summoning monsters -Armadyl battlestaff -Sword of Resurrection -Minigun -Sword of the King -All sacrificial gear pieces Competition Competition details can be found here: Rare loot from the dungeon Dragonical Bow The Dragonical bow is an extremely powerful bow that shoots dragon heads as projectiles! This bow alone is stronger then the Legendary Wolf Bow. Dragonical Cape The Dragonical cape should be worn together with the Dragonical Bow, it will give a significant boost to the max hit and accuracy of the Dragonical Bow making it even stronger! Dragon Emperor's Platebody Dragon Emperor's Platelegs Dragon Emperor's Gear When both pieces of Dragon Emperor's gear are worn they will provide an HP boost much like Torva. This gear is a Melee and Range hybrid with some added tackyness as well! Sir Ericson's Duel Swords of Slicing & Dicing These dual wield swords do 2 hits of damage at a time! Both hits are equally as strong so you can except a damage output of twice as much as you'd normally expect from a weapon with these stats. Scroll of Projectiles \ Gives +10 Range bonus and can be worn in the ammo slot. Scroll of Spellbinding Gives +10 Magic bonus and can be worn in the ammo slot. Scroll of Brawls Gives +5 Strength bonus and can be worn in the ammo slot.
  12. Hello Manic, New Divine Donator Rank: Today we're releasing a new donator rank! The "Divine Donator" rank. You can purchase this rank in the regular donator shop for 60.000 points, or go to ::donate where you will find a promotion to purchase the box for $50. The new Divine Donator comes with a purple chat icon for all types of chat. Divine Donators have access to all the donator zones and can roll dices as well! So a "Dicer rank" is included in the Divine Donator rank. Personal Ballershop: Have you been having issues with purchasing the items you want from the ballershop because it's always out of stock? Worry not! Personal ballershops are here! The personal Ballershop is much like the regular Ballershop, you buy baller items for baller tickets and it has a limited stock... But this stock is personal, meaning other peoples purchases do not affect your personal stock. Your personal ballershop restocks the same way as the regular ballershop , it's manually controlled and restocks happen from time to time. And yes, your personal ballershop can also be filled up with items from ballershop 2, but just like the restocks this happens only from time to time. The personal ballershop is only for Divine Donator ranked players! Example of a fully stocked personal baller shop: As you can see in the image above the personal ballershop has a lower stock than the regular one, this is because only you can purchase these items shown! So even if the regular ballershop is completely sold out, you will still have your personal stock to purchase whatever you desire. If you're a Divine Donator you can open your personal ballershop by typing ::pobshop Price Changes: Due to supply and demand, we did have to make a few price changes, these changes were made to protect some of the value these items hold in the economy. So make sure to check out the prices of all the items before you decide to make a purchase! Some items are slightly more expensive and some items are cheaper! These changes are ONLY for the personal ballershop, the regular ballershop prices haven't changed. Future Divine Donator Benefits: We will be adding more benefits to the Divine Donator rank, in time the rank will contain a special bossing zone with unique Divine Donator rank only things to achieve and obtain! Once again, If you're a Divine Donator you can open your personal ballershop by typing ::pobshop
  13. Kiteshield

    HCIM wilderness

    It is indeed intended that they can be attacked, that is why rewards from the wilderness give extreme amounts of high score points compared to other items. Being teamed will rarely be an issue as the most popular places like Revenants, Phoenix or Bork are single areas. Venturing into the wilderness is extremely risky but comes with great rewards.