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  2. Hi everyone, Redragon309 here and I will be writing up my first guide about the Guthix Dungeon! Now what exactly is this dungeon? It is a dungeon that was added as an update, with 3 new bosses! (Please note: this post is a WIP and will be updated as often as I can) But Red, what makes this dungeon so special? Good question to ask! This dungeon has 3 unique weapons that can only be found here, each having their own special attacks, ranging from a blade that can freeze enemies in place to a staff that can pierce through enemy armor like tissue! Some examples include: Frostbitten Blade - A magical blade that casts ice spells and requires no runes! Maul of Infinity - A 2 handed maul that attacks as fast as a whip! Esoteric Staff - A staff that casts a SUPER accurate spell and can pierce even the most toughest bosses! Great! I really want to get all these items! So how do I get to the dungeon? You can get to the dungeon via a Guthix Dungeon Teleport tab, which can only be dropped by Rammernaut (1/20 chance), Giant Sea Snake (1/40 chance), or a Tormented Demon (1/30 chance). Once obtained, you have access to the dungeon and can access all the bosses. However, if you teleport out of the dungeon or die, you must obtain another tab from the monster that drop them or from other players, so be prepared if you enter here! OK! So I entered the dungeon, but I can’t attack any other monster other than Godly Ice Friends! What gives? Yes, you will need to kill the bosses in sequential order starting with 100 Godly Ice Fiends, followed by 250 To´Kash the Bloodchiller, and finally the final boss, King Rammernaut. While killing enemies, I always seem to get Guthix Tickets. What are these for? These tickets are needed to slay the next boss. To unlock To´Kash the Bloodchiller, you need to obtain 100 tickets, in addition to slaying 100 Godly Ice Fiends. To unlock King Rammernaut, you need to obtain 300 tickets, in addition to slaying 250 To´Kash the Bloodchiller. Tips for the dungeon: · Be sure to be prepared for this dungeon. You must obtain another tab if you leave the place or die. · Always have Soul split on, with the exception of fighting King Rammernaut. · When fighting the final boss, use prayers that block or deflect magic. · Whenever possible, use items (like overloads, prayer renewal, food, etc.). This will help you give an edge over some bosses, especially the final boss.