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  1. Jaxz

    1k Baby Corp

    What you could expect from 1000 Baby Corp The following is what i got as drops. 25350 Adamantite Ores 6370 Runite Ores 13650 Adamant Bars 34895 Raw Sharks 5905 Magic Logs 24301 Black Dhide Bodies 40900 Goat Horn Dusts 31350 White Berries 20350 Tuna Potatos 10625 Uncut Diamonds 66 Dragon Spears 9 Crystal Keys 18 Loop Halves 17 Tooth Halves 56360 Adamant Arrows 88493 Trading Sticks 101k Astral Runes 108k Death Runes 110k Cosmic Runes 123k Law Runes x1 Holy Elixir x1 Spirit Shield x1 Elysian Sigil x2 Spectral Sigils All the Noted and Stackable Loot excluding Crystal keys and Pieces came to 5268m
  2. Jaxz


    looks amazing +1 from me
  3. Jaxz

    Rules on wild?

    this is correct, the same person cannot pk you more than once within 30 mins. this is considered pkpoint farming and yes harassment. Next time someone pks you more than once within 30 mins inform any of the available staff at the time.
  4. Jaxz

    Claim Your Forum Rank Here!

    Sorry but its not visable really hope the img inserts work it did^
  5. Jaxz


    This would be a cool idea, but honestly because of the customs we need a different kind of player owned shop system where we can view anyones shop thats online, and we need the shops to accept billion tickets
  6. Jaxz

    Rev Artifact Guide for PKP

    ManicPS Rev Artifact Pkpoint Guide The artifacts you receive from the ::revs are tradable. Estimated Value 1M per 1 PKP Broken Statue Headdress: 2 PKP Third Age Carafe: 4 PKP Bronzed Dragon Claw: 6 PKP Ancient Psaltery Bridge: 8 PKP Saradomin Amphora: 10 PKP Bandos Scrimshaw: 11 PKP Saradomin Carving: 12 PKP Zamorak Medallion: 14 PKP Armadyl Totem: 16 PKP Guthixian Brazier: 18 PKP Ruby Chalice: 20 PKP Bandos Statuette: 22 PKP Saradomin Statuette: 24 PKP Zamorak Statuette: 26 PKP Armadyl Statuette: 28 PKP Seren Stattuette: 30 PKP Ancient Statuette: 32 PKP
  7. Jaxz

    Ironman Donor

    example for shop, we can get handcannon shots as an ironman but we cannont get the handcannon
  8. Jaxz

    Ironman Donor

    In my time of playing its come to my attention that ironmen are still being worked on, i feel adding an ironman donor shop would benefit our community. First: I was thinking you could add a new donor rank where ironmen can pay with billion tickets (a reasonable amount for ironmen) for their donor box. Second: An ironman only donor zone with a coupe deep wild bosses and a handfull of non-wild bosses, including an ironman donor shop for special items like all the other donor zones have.