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    My youtube channel

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    Fresh Kicks

    I like the one on the top left very nice!
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    My shop list

    ~List~ Holy Elixer- SOLD Phat specs- 400M Ckey- SOLD D hatchet- 30M Rangers- SOLD Fury- SOLD Colored D Bow- 15M Guthans legs- 8M Green Dragon Mask- 5M Mith Seeds- 1M Item looks below
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    Updates of 9/13/2017 - Vote Shop 2!

    The boots are so awesome great job!
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    Updates of 9/24/2017 - Content Revival

    Really like the customs man keep up the great work!
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    Furious Jay Intro

    I'm 23, and a youtuber, just looking to get more people on the server and will be advertising everywhere to make that possible stay tuned! IGN- Furious Jay