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    OSRS, RSPS, Coding & Web work.
    Pets, Imports & spending time with my daughter.
  1. Awesome updates; can't wait to try it out later on down the track when I've got the status
  2. Ags Fetish

    Guess its time for me

    I plan on doing the same thing, actually; going to donate about $200 in another 4 weeks time, loving the server a lot! I play a few server's but have quit them due to OSRS & ManicPS. So I'm basically on here & OSRS; hope to see you around in-game
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    Thanks Chance Thanks so much!
  4. Ags Fetish


    Just thought I'd drop by & leave my introduction here Name's Luke, I'm 24 & love doing basically anything to be honest. Down to earth guy and love meeting new people within communities; if you see me around hit me up if you like! Hope to see you all in-game