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  1. Iron Doobie

    Suggestion about Boss Instances

    alright, well i mostly play in weekends because of work and it's crowded a lot of the time
  2. Iron Doobie

    Suggestion about Boss Instances

    'never crowded like mole' u defo didn't login yet
  3. Iron Doobie

    Ironman Donor

    I Suggested this to kiteshield, he told me it's never gonna happen, don't bother There 'might' come a special Iron Zone for higher prestige Iron Men. Greetings, Iron Doobie
  4. Helloooow, I’ve got a suggestion that i think some people would agree on: More boss instances, different bosses in the instances NPC -> The server is getting more and more crowded each time you log in. A common problem coming with this is the fact that a lot of bosses (especially low tier -> bandos / KQ / Barrelchest / Mole) are being camped real hard and there’s a lot of people that almost never find a free boss to kill. -> So my idea was to maybe add more boss instances, add different bosses to the instance NPC (eg. All bosses except wildy boss, raids, guthix dung and prestige bosses), so we can ALL grind as much as we’d like for a decent price (-> don’t make them all 75M since you’ve gotta make money doe and some bosses just don’t drop any good items that pay off -> Penance queen par example, just drops akrisae 1/800 and YY ammy ) -> This idea is for normal players AND iron man players, so if this would go through, make it balanced for irons and non-irons to enjoy (Prices for sure, since ironmen can’t sell loots they get wich may only be worth 0GP to shop) -> I think this will boost the economy a bit too, since there will be more drops becoming available to more people instead of *poor people vs dicers* (no offense) -> Just don’t add the prestige bosses, donorzone/dicerzone bosses (since those should stay more exclusive than others) -> I Think this problem COULD resolve a lot of people getting crashed and being mad in public chat Big ups to the server and crew! MANICPS FOR PRESIDENT Thanks for reading, vote in the poll up there ^^^ Greetings, Iron Doobie -----------------
  5. Iron Doobie

    Updates of 10/19/2017 - Iron Man, Dodian, QoL updates!

    nice update man ! keep it up
  6. Iron Doobie

    Iron Man

    i understand the part about revenants for sure, you shouldn't make iron man OP, but at least something should be done about pkers, any sort of protection or the possibility to put off wildy tasks, because 95% of all slayer tasks are revs....
  7. Iron Doobie

    Iron Man

    Hello, I would suggest updating ironman, especially the pk part, It's real bad that you have to go to the wildy to grind annil. points and/or armor on ironmen -> Revenants for vesta, morrigan etc.. While you get pked and lose more gear than you had before and will never see it back. I've nothing against pk altho it's low that hurrdurr donors will come to the wildy to 3-splat a casual player trying to grind, those people will never disappear so fix the problem for Irons. I would reccomend smth like wildyboss instances / ex. a cave with revenants, only accessable by IronMan accounts with no pvp there? or making Irons non-pk'able all the way. Think about this, it's not fair to get splatted and some 'dude' says he needs the money from my dfs while wearing ffsing cape of death etc etc, lowlifes will never disappear.. Thanks for reading, Greetings, Iron Doobie
  8. Iron Doobie

    Name that item

    Zebra-spear Lightning-stick Cattleprod-rod Jolteon staff ;p