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  1. Undead Vex

    i might aswell tell yall bout me

    geez sorry to hear that, but glad you managed to overcome it and thank you for making this introduction. Nice to meet you Niekot
  2. Undead Vex

    Undead VeX's Introduction

    Ehhhhhh why not create one of these for the memes, My name in manic is Undead Vex and i am a moderator for the server. My real name is Jefferi but everyone just calls me Jeff I currently reside in a small town in south eastern Wisconsin known as Burlington i have lived here all 20 years of my life and really fucking hate it here and cant wait to move somewhere with a better climate. I went to school for a little bit to study business management but switched into medical school short in because i was always really fascinated with the human body I graduated in 2017 with my bachelor of science in nursing or just nursing, and currently am working at a local clinic as a temp nurse trying to get a permanent place. I have been mod on the server for a little over like 1 month and a half i would say, and i have really enjoyed banning all you scrub kiddies XD. Thats about it for me as of right now if you wanna know anytthing else about me feel free to ask me either here or in the client <3. Also here enjoy some random pic i found of me when i was a wee lad.
  3. Welp boiis we all knew this would happen at some point down the road as of today i am resigning from staff of manic its been a good run i enjoyed the time and experiences i spent with hundreds of people on this server. As for the reason i am leaving i just do not have the drive to play anymore and after recent events i have come to the conclusion i just do not support the way Justin runs this server and the way he handles his community and the feedback. Also just as mod there is not much i can do with most of the biggest problems on this server and one of them being donations not working for people i have tried to send Justin the pay-pal receipts to verify but they go weeks without being read. In the end tho i truly did enjoy the time i spent on this server and it was one of the best RSPS communities i have ever been apart of I may still play casually and afk just to kill time, but as i stated early i just do not want to be apart of the staff team here anymore I would rather just be a normal average player. I hope everyone can respect my decision and my actions. Once again Thank You everyone for the experiences i had and I love you all. <3 :I #FreeOrbit
  4. Undead Vex

    New Boss Event

    id be down