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  1. This a great deal of work for an ironman. I Love it. This is the update we needed. But what are Gloves Of Enudrement.
  2. the off hand its self will make a larger difference in terms of DPS. let alone the upgrade. That's not the point. Ironmen don't have access to things such as the helm platebody and legs and weapon. Ironmen could already get top tier boots and gloves. Iron men cant get the top tier body legs or that is the point.
  3. ironmen can get boots gloves and offhand if I'm not mistaken. The boots and knock-off gloves the d-slayer ones, I don't think is really going to make much a difference when they are up against someone using the full set. 100% great update tho and helps out those who have loads of extra gear with nothing to do with them. So great job guys.