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  1. Detox

    Ironman game mode

    Your probably gonna get a explanation from kite anyway, but I thought i'd add this before he posts, please before you post on something make sure you do some homework and understand it first. This guide will help you understand the ironman mode on manic a lot better.
  2. Yeah true, BTW I posted this before Akaj apparently dropped 10+ esos (I wasn't there though, this is according to witnesses) so the eco imo has changed dramatically since then, also alot of new players have joined so people have been able to sell there esos for donations or cash/items. My suggestion of adding them to the sacri point store was so people could use them to sacrifice for points thus creating a item sink, this would mean even if people farm 100s of esos there will always be a viable way players can remove them from the eco via sacrificing them for points which means they will maintain there value ingame
  3. Detox

    New Boss Event

    sounds awesome kite
  4. Detox

    New Boss Event

    I love this idea, however I think we have way to many bosses ingame and not enough skill based content. Adding these enraged bosses might be better suited as a upgraded slayer task, (I made a suggestion about something similar in the future updates thread) I think these would be perfect for slayer. Make it so the "enraged boss task" becomes available once you have done 10 of that bosses normal tasks, it would cost 50 slayer points to do one of these tasks. (this will stop players from just farming this content and keep the rewards rare) You could also use this update to add some new content to the slayer store, this would also bring more srows into the game for new players and give slayer helms a value.
  5. Detox

    Team Boss - Treus Dayth Guide!

    Thought I'd also post a rundown on mechanics for Fighters. This setup is preferred for fighters to maximize dps, you should be using this setup at all times on the boss as well as using Hailstrom Daggers spec when its up. (make sure if your taking a bow like oblivion bow or wolf bow you unequip any bolts or ammo as the bow will not work with them in quiver) Another setup for this boss, this might be preferred for first timers because of the hp boost torva provides. once fully healed with a sip of brew your hp will be at 159. A typical Fighter inventory, Hailstrom for spec wep, Wolf Bow and Esoteric Staff are for minions. (using a Blessed Crossbow with ruby bolts instead of Wolf Bow is also an option, taking all three types is preferred just incase one of the other fighters dies.) 3 minions will appear at 75% and 45% of the main bosses health Skeleton Gorilla = Mage Fighter Kills Champion = Melee Fighter Kills Warlock = Range Fighter Kills These minions don't have much health and can be dpsed down very quickly, just make sure to heal up when needed so you don't get comboed by the main bosses crits. Also I suggest you discuss before the fight who out of the fighters is in charge of what minion to avoid confusion. When you are low on food make sure to let the helpers know so they can give you rainbow fish, saying something like "+5 food" is probably best so helpers don't waste food by giving you to much. Also its important to keep an eye out for zombies and run if you see them as they will one shot you if they get in melee distance. (sometimes they get past helpers as the freeze doesn't always work) It's also very important for fighters to watch out for the fire at 85% > 70% > 55% > 40% > 25% > 10% of the bosses HP, the fire will appear in a 3x3 around the boss so make sure to run out of that area for its duration, if you get caught in the fire and get crit you can easily be 2 shot. Other than that this fight is just a dps race to kill the boss, hope this helps. (Sorry I didn't add a gear list for those who cant afford this setup, I think its preferred to go with three fighters with this setup to maximize the speed of runs atm) ::FYI:: The mage minion cannot be killed by eso while in melee range atm, so you can either leave it or try to kill it using barrage spells <- (not reccommended as the runes required take up space you could use for brews) (edit) ^^ this has been fixed The boss will also sometimes hit fighters with 80hp crits in quick succession one after the other, this means some deaths are unavoidable.
  6. Detox

    Team Boss - Treus Dayth Guide!

    Here's a little run down of mechanics for Helpers For gear, max mage with Esoteric Staff is best, if you haven't got that any staff that you can auto cast ice Barrage with is sufficient along with your best mage gear. This is my current setup for Helper Swapping out battlemage for elder mage, and lrow for frow, would imo be the best gear setup for a helper, you could also theoretically get more mage bonus with 3rd age ammy and frost tome however the extra stats would be minimal and the defensive loss would be considerable so imo its not worth it. This is a set up for newer players who don't have as much to spend on gear, you can swap out the staff for chaotic staff, or polypore staff, the gloves i'm using are zombie gloves which you can get as a drop from ::zk or buy from players for around 250m-500m (not sure if thats the correct price but it seems reasonable to me) this is a typical helper inventory, the mage logs are for lighting a fire quickly after fishing an inventory. For helper mechanics basically your job is to fish and cook rainbow fish, freeze n kill zombies, and use fish on fighters when they need it. There is a fishing spot to the north of the boss which you can use to catch Rainbow fish and a crate with supplies (fly fishing pole and tinderbox) however you must bring a hatchet/axe of some kind to chop wood as this is not available from the crate. To the east of the boss is a area with a 2x trees, you can get wood here to light fires and cook rainbow fish, also to the far east against the wall is where zombies will spawn. The zombies spawn roughly every 2 mins, so make sure one of the helpers is using a timer and lets everyone know when they are about to spawn. As soon as the zombies spawn the helpers have to quickly ice barrage them so they don't get to the fighters. This is probably the most important role for helpers because zombies will 1 shot the fighters if they get within melee distance. Stq will spawn at around 50% main boss health and start attacking helpers, helpers will be unable to fish untill it is killed, stq doesn't do a lot of damage so focus on healing fighters and killing zombies and only dps stq down after you are done with that. The main time to spam food on the fighters is during and after the minion phases, that's when they take the most damage and can be killed by boss crit + minion damage. (minions come at 75% and 45% main boss hp) During the end of the fight when the bosses hp is around 5% or lower helpers should focus on fishing and cooking so they have a full inventory of rainbow fish for the next round. (make sure before doing this fighters have ample food and zombies are taken care off) And thats about it, hope this helps Here is a video of the boss, props to Skidcraft for this and for all his awesome videos and content lately, please make sure to subscribe to him.
  7. Hype!!! awesome job guys looking forward to exploring the mechanics for this boss, that esoteric gear is also sweet
  8. Detox

    Gambling Idea

    that's very true, which is why i would make it a gamble zone where only people who have purchased a dice rank can host games (a no flower planting zone) and a warning screen to record all bets when you enter.
  9. Detox

    Gambling Idea

    Basically to many new players join and then within a few days yolo there banks and quit, some even within a few hours... so my suggestion is to make a dedicated ::gamble zone so that new players don't have to be tempted or subjected to gambling/gamblers @home, ::home should be place where players can buy/sell, use the awesome npcs, and enjoy our amazing server and all its benefits without the temptation of doubling there banks or losing everything right in there faces.
  10. Thanks for all the work you guys are doing atm on the server Kite, we really appreciate everything you guys do and all the time you guys put into making Manic what it is k3

  11. Detox

    Looking into 2018 - Future Updates

    TeamBoss: super hyped for this cant wait! HCIM and HS: sounds awesome, however I would recommend not putting to much effort into this or making it to big of a update, as that could take valuable coding time away from other updates that would be more valuable to the server as a whole, rather than to one aspect of it, but thats just my opinion... Castle Wars: `que the Daniel Bryan chants` YES! YES! YES! YES! Automatic Trading: unless its available while players are offline I don't see much point in this, much rather see a update to the current Bandit Shopkeeper where you can click on players names in the "player stores" screen to view there stores, rather then going back to another menu and entering a number... Also a search option where you can enter any items name bringing up a list of the prices of that item from all available shops would be awesome to. Dungeoneering: not a fan of this skill in a rsps tbh, I think your guys coding time could be much better spent elsewhere... for example revamping the slayer skill and introducing Ultimate Boss tasks, these tasks would become unlocked and available to buy with slayer points once you had completed 100 of that particular bosses normal tasks (so 100 bandos boss tasks for example would unlock the "ultimate bandos boss" instanced task). Once unlocked the ultimate boss task will be available to buy at any time provided you have the required slayer points. The new instanced ultimate bosses would be a lot harder to kill and possibly have mechanics players would have to work out to complete, however the upside is they would drop a rare 1 in 10k pet that gives insane bonuses like, increased drop rate and damage % increase or both, as well as rare colored cosmetic drops of there respective normal drops at a 1 in 1k rate, this would give hardcore pvmers and max players something to work toward after they have completed the previous endgame content. EDIT^^ also the new cosmetic colored boss gear would give gamblers rare and valuable items to wear and collect
  12. Detox


    hey my dude welcome and glad your enjoying the server
  13. Detox

    Voting Idea

    Just a suggestion for monthly voting rewards, I think we should have monthly targets that if we reach as a player base for the month we will receive rewards, like increased drop rate for the entire server for "x" amount of days, or double drops, or increased exp etc. This will be more beneficial in my opinion then only rewarding the top voter, or top 5 voters because people who know they cant catch the top voters are more likely to not bother voting because they cant win... Also I think we should code a spin for a rare instead of gamble for a rare with increased prizes for multiple tickets used, for example you can spin using 1 ticket with a very low chance of landing on the better items or you can spin using 100 tickets and have a very high chance of landing on the better items. Prizes could include cash and alchables which would help to introduce much needed cash into the eco which would further stimulate buying and selling of items via the bill ticket stores.
  14. there are a lot of esos in the eco atm maybe adding them to the sacri store now might buff the price of esos or stimulate the eco?