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  1. IGNORE LIST says it all really. POT TIMERS would be helpful if we had overload/prayer renewal timers above chat bar to see how long we have left. NOTED OVERLOADS/PRAYER RENEWALS would be awesome to be able to buy in bulk (at a higher price) ITEM PLACE HOLDER item place holders so we dont have to keep 1 of an item. SAVE AND LOAD GEAR SETS again, saving and loading gear sets would improve for people who PVM various different bosses
  2. well done lads, and you already knwo what i lost, i p[m'd you
  3. olly

    double drops are lit

    you got 2x eso staff?
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    Wag1 you sluts

    i'm olly. 25. semi-pro smite player. (sub) i review tech for shits n gigz. have my setup pc specs: 6700k @ 5.1gz 2X1080TI's in SLI 500 Gb m.2 boot drive 2 Tb m.2 drive 2x4 TB SSD's 8 TB HDD scratch disk custom water cooling loop 7.1 surrounds sound. z
  6. olly

    double drops are lit

    i love double drops