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  1. skidcraft

    PVM Keys Minigame

  2. skidcraft

    Treus Team Guide

    More Clips
  3. skidcraft

    The Restless Gaveyard Concept

    Just sounds like another grind like Warriors Guild 2 or New Offhand
  4. skidcraft

    The weed skill

    I think you should give us some examples, it might allow people to graspe the concept
  5. skidcraft

    The weed skill

    Don't set a huge barrier my bad, I just think it would be cool if this skill was accessible to everyone. Maybe make a wildy strain and then a surivial strain that grows in the shades of morton temple which you need to keep at full health. But yeah i agree no large entry.
  6. skidcraft

    The weed skill

    I don't see why not just please don't make them to OP in the wilderness and don't set a huge barrier to entry to this skill. I think it would be cool if the newbs could farm this for the high level players increasing the effectiveness of high level players and giving newbs starter cash.