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  1. clearlyy

    Some suggestions

    Thanks for the support tex :). 'make-all' option is mainly because clicking one by one seems to make my fingers die, very quickly lol.
  2. clearlyy

    Some suggestions

  3. clearlyy

    Some suggestions

    If you agree with any of these, or if you don't agree let me know in the thread, they're just a few thoughts i had. 1. Give the higher leveled bosses some noob item drops, for example ice queen, you either hit big and win a 1/1000 item, or you get charms, can be very boring after 700 kills if you've only had charm drops. noob items such as dragon legs, whips or whatever. Would also be nice if the raids bosses dropped noob items occasionally too instead of absolutely nothing. 2. Make Icy gloves from prestige store either cheaper, or more effective; at the moment you'd need to prestige 250-300 times to buy icy gloves, which in combination with icy whip is as strong as a Tri whip, which you could just buy for 50-60b. Not worth grinding 200+ prestiges when you can just buy a better item for 50-60b which only times a fraction of the time to make. Perhaps more items in general at prestige store as most of it is quite bad. 3. Make-all option for herblore potions, gem crafting 4. More things to buy in slayer store.. the only thing worth buying is super ring of wealth and manic slay helm ( not even sure if manic slay helm works, never made me hit any higher but i might be wrong ). 5. Increase spawn time of certain bosses, godwars bosses take so long to respawn at the moment I'm sure i had more suggestions in my head so I'll add more here in the future if they come to me
  4. clearlyy

    Voting Idea

    i like the ideas, support.
  5. clearlyy

    Double Rare Drops is here until Thursday Evening!

    Welcome back, glad you're better. double drops is cool but its made monsters only drop 2 of each item instead of what they're meant to be. so instead of corp dropping 150 addy ore it drops 2. Same for all of his other drops meaning he's shit money now, pls fix!
  6. Just wondering if it actually works, im using black mask at the moment and im pretty sure it isn't coded, not hitting any differently. Dont want to save up for it if its a waste XD. Thankyou