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  2. bandos123

    Updates of 11/25/2018 - Barrows Pets Minigame

    very nice job guys but barrow chest should give some coin too thx for that
  3. why make them alchable then xd
  4. rlly good update, but i think we need to add something to alch like 100 iteam at same time or something because shoulb be take a while to alch like 10-20k iteam 1 by 1
  5. bandos123

    make perfect ironman

    atm ironman can have very good malee and mage gear, but for range..., wolf set not too bad but can compare at sacrifical gear. so my suggestion is to put blessed crossbow uptainable for ironman by a very hard way like lootable in new dungeon,from new skilling chest by very rare drop rate, tradable whit large amount of prestige, anni, skill, slayer, lauyalty or raids points or by any hard way xD. I think if u put blessed crossbow possible to get for ironman we can make it perfect in all combat skill PERFECT IONMAN K3K3K3 Xxironxxqc
  6. bandos123

    Updates of 06/1/2018 - Templar gear

    ironman can loot gear from chest ? or cant loot key ?
  7. bandos123

    Forum Giveaways! [LIMITED TIME]: May 3rd - May 5th

    number 7 for me
  8. yo how u show sacrifical gear to npc to got pts if ironman cant have sacrafical gear ?
  9. bandos123

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  10. bandos123

    Updates of 01/02/2018 - PVM Chest #3

    need to add more jad in game. in donor zone or any where and fire cape alchable for great value
  11. bandos123

    Updates of 01/02/2018 - PVM Chest #3

    very nice
  12. -Item Name Berzerker monocle-In what gear slot it should be worn, or... if it's not gear at all, then what is it?---ammo slot-What unique effect should the item have? ---10 to 50% incrase melee attaque speed+domage(or just speed), start at 10% and need to farm pts to upgarde it to 50%(or 25% if 50% too high). slayer pts for exemple. just for pvming-Should the item be a low, medium or high tier ?--- high tier -How do you vision the item to look like? (Give a description or maybe a drawing?)--- look like a aura around player-Why should your item be added in-game? because its hard to get wep whit very high domage. so whit that you incrase your dps