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  1. wasy05

    Guthix Dungeon

    I personally am a big fan of the guthix dungeon, but currently as it stands you either get an eso staff or you arent really making much money and are giving a lot of time towards possibly one day getting that Eso staff. I personally have gotten 1,000 kill count on king ram without an eso drop, so this suggestion might be slightly bias. My suggestion would be to create some sort of guthix ticket shop where you can trade your guthix tickets for rewards of some kind, whether that be tradeable items or something like trade 2k guthix tickets for a slight increase in eso staff drop rate. I would also like to have more than two king rams, because more often than not there are already two people camping it, and waiting for some to get 100+ kills can be slightly annoying. A separate suggestion I heard was a guthix ticket magnet, similar to trading stick or charm magnets in the annihilation point store, to make picking up all those tickets slightly less tedious. Post any suggestion or feedback you have to this idea I would really like to see something come of it haha