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  1. Our History Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise focusing on researching, developing and producing intelligent electric actuator for over 15 years. The leading industrial product of the company is CKD series intelligent integrated electric actuator which is is the leading brand in China. By means of local or remote approach, it can open, close and automatically adjust valves. The products mentioned above have been appraised by expert, confirming that such products have characteristics such as stable operation, accurate positioning, reliable quality, convenient installation and debugging, relatively high cost performance and advanced overall performance in international market of similar products. Our Factory Our company located in China’s famous historical and cultural city Yangzhou. As a global supplier of intelligent electric actuator, Yangzhou Hengchun provide superior product and service for clients all over the world. Our Product Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. products includes the following: 1. Multi-Turn Actuator 2. Quarter-Turn Actuator 3. Linear Actuator Product Application Our products are suitable for butterfly valve, ball valve, gate valve and check valve etc. It is widely been used in power industry, metallurgy industry, oil industry, chemical industry, water treatment industry and other machinery industries. Our Certificate 1.ATEX explosion-proof certification 2.CE certification 3.SIL3 safety function certification 4.Profibus DPV1 certification 5.FDT/DTM certification Production Equipment CNC 300,000N.m Torque test bench Production Market We have customers from both domestic market and overseas market. The products have been sold to America, Germany, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan and many other countries and regions. Our services We strictly control every link of production process to make sure the products are qualified. Sales manager can have good communication with customers. Offices in every sales regions can provide good technical support and after-sales service.High quality Airline And Spa Slippers website:http://www.yzhsslipper.com/airline-and-spa-slippers/
  2. Part-turn Electric modulating actuators using absolute encoder as position detection, with torque and stroke limit protection function Position detection module adopts the non-contact type absolute encoder, good abrasion resistance, stable performance, long life, high linearity, high resolution, greatly improves the stability of the system. The absolute encoder can real-time detect the valve position, the module directly connected with the position feedback shaft by the gear, ensure synchronous with the valve position at all times. Even in the case of loss of power supply, the module can be guaranteed not to lose the position information of the valve, and also without the use of extra battery power to keep the valve position information. CKDJ actuator adopts professionally designed torque detection system to real-time monitoring the torque changes in the process of valve movement, protection of torque available at 40% -100% of the rated torque is adjustable in increments of 1%. When detected torque exceeds the set torque, the control unit will exciting electromagnetic starter or solid state starter disconnect and cut off the power supply of the motor. When the fault of over torque occurred, the actuator can provide the over torque alarm for local and remote. Description: 1. Product Name: CKDJ series Part-Turn Modulating Actuator 2. Power Supply: Single Phase or Three Phase, Maximum Voltage: 480 Volt, Frequency: 50/60 Hz 3. Material: Aluminum Casting 4. Type: Regulating Type, Field Bus 5. Work Mode: S4-25% duty, 1200 starts/hour 6. Torque: 40N.m to 35,000N.m 8. Motor Insulation Class: F Class, H Class can be customized 9. Protection Grade: IP 68 10. Explosion Proof Protection: Exd II BT4/ CT4(some product can reach Exd II CT 6) 11. Environmental Temperature: -30 ℃-70℃(Standard),Maximum 125 ℃ ,while Minimum -50 ℃ 12. Coating: Phosphoric acid pickling,Surface electrostaic spray 13. Joint Type: Flange, comply with ISO 5211 14. Certification: ATEX, CE, etc 15. Application: Mainly for Control Valve to control the flow condition Datasheet of Part-turn Modulating Actuator(integration) No. CKDJ Series Power Type Torque (N.m) Travel Time(S) ISO Flange 1CKDJ5380V/3PHASE/50HZ5025F07/10 2CKDJ5380V/3PHASE/50HZ4012F07/10 3CKDJ 10380V/3PHASE/50HZ10025F07/10 4CKDJ 10380V/3PHASE/50HZ8012F07/10 5CKDJ 16380V/3PHASE/50HZ16025F10/12 6CKDJ 16380V/3PHASE/50HZ12012F10/12 7CKDJ 20380V/3PHASE/50HZ20025F10/12 8CKDJ 20380V/3PHASE/50HZ16012F10/12 9CKDJ 30380V/3PHASE/50HZ30025F10/12 10CKDJ 30380V/3PHASE/50HZ24012F10/12 11CKDJ 40380V/3PHASE/50HZ40025F10/12 12CKDJ 40380V/3PHASE/50HZ32012F10/12 13CKDJ 50380V/3PHASE/50HZ50025F10/12 14CKDJ 50380V/3PHASE/50HZ40012F10/12 15CKDJ 60380V/3PHASE/50HZ60025F10/12 16CKDJ 60380V/3PHASE/50HZ50012F10/12 17CKDJ 80380V/3PHASE/50HZ80029F12/14 18CKDJ 80380V/3PHASE/50HZ60015F12/14 19CKDJ 100380V/3PHASE/50HZ100029F12/14 20CKDJ 100380V/3PHASE/50HZ80015F12/14 Datasheet of Part-turn Modulating Actuator(combination) No. Actuator/Gearbox Power Type Torque Scale (N.m) Travel Time(S) ISO Flange 1CKD4/JW60A380V/3PHASE/50HZ180-50025F10 2CKD10/JW80A380V/3PHASE/50HZ500-100025/12.5F14 3CKD10/JW100A380V/3PHASE/50HZ1000-300044/22F14/F16 4CKD25/JW125A380V/3PHASE/50HZ3000-600044/22/11F16/25 5CKD25/JW140A380V/3PHASE/50HZ6000-1000088/44/22F25/30 6CKD60/JW200A380V/3PHASE/50HZ10000-2000044/22F25/30 7CKD60/JW250A380V/3PHASE/50HZ20000-3500082/41/21F30/35 With the aid of wide expertise and experience, Hengchun Electronics researches, develops, manufactures and exports high quality and durable part-turn electric modulating actuators using absolute encoder as position detection, with torque and stroke limit protection function at low price. This special actuators made in China comes in advanced and stable performance, high accuracy, long lifespan, etc. You can rest assured to buy.durable Part-turn Actuators For Modulating website:http://www.yzhengchun.com/part-turn-electric-actuator/part-turn-modulating-actuator/
  3. Shenzhen Yan zhengfeng design CO., LTD., founded by the famous interior designer Mr. Zhengfeng Yan in 2003,is committed to commercial space designs, and has completed a variety of very creative space design works.In the past decade,we have served over 100 great brands, helped them to create unique brand images and a whole set of enterprise SI designs, improved brand values and competitive marketplace for customers. We specializes in offering SI designs, store designs, showroom Designs, shopping mall designs, clubhouse designs, office Interior design, hotel design, restaurant designs,window designs, and so on. We offer enterprises the package solutions in space designs. The company respects original designs and advocates the motto: “A unique style for A unique client”. Our works have been well recognized by the industry from the perspective of both arts and business.which is the driving forces to continuously push us forward. Mr. Zhengfeng Yan was born in a family of Artists and studied under the world famous commercial space design master Peter Marino. Mr. Yan has been dedicated to commercial space art for 13 years. He won many awards for his distinctive and outstanding works, for example, Golden prize for his space designs in China Interior Design and Environmental Art Competition in 2009, and National First Place of The Third NEST AWARD. His styles of the works are rich and varied, and at the top of the industry. As a well-known international brand art consultants, he believes that “excellent works is not design for design, but a burst of inspiration and natural revelation of sensing life details, it's to express “people first”. Shenzhen MBL display products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. The company is mainly engaged in space designs, store designs, exhibition designs, graphic designs; decoration engineering constructions, display product manufacturing, and packaging printing productions. It is a group specialized in commercial space and showcase designs and constructions, and installations and services of display facilities. The group adheres to the concept of "people-oriented, customer-oriented" for commercial space design and construction services, always built on brand strength, professionalism, and innovative ideas. The group offers one-stop personalized service packages for industrial productions, and on-site assembling, etc, so as to improve corporate brands, provide beautiful, safe and practical commercial display facilities, and let space art top the perfect ways for more added values of commercial space. The group has formed a strategic partnership with Prada, Tiffany, Dior, Gucci and many well-known international retail brands, and acts as their designated supplier for exhibition space, materials, and unified production management and distribution services.China Mobile counter fabrication factory website:http://www.yzfstoredesign.com/
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    MALLEABLE CLIP for sale

    *Malleable wire rope clips are usually cast steel *Clip malleable is available with electronic Galvanized *Packing with Gunny bag or Carton Box * The strength is same as wire rope ,it is more safety ,it also can keep the safety load max in hoisting operation and extend the rigging service life , our clip meet the international standard , we make sampling inspection every lot . Qingdao Yiyang rigging hardware Co.,Ltd. used top quality raw material to make all products and keep improving machines and that is why we have so many old customers ,so far have no any complains and the company still continually develop and expand .MALLEABLE CLIP for sale website:http://www.yyrigging.com/wire-rope-clip/us-type-wire-rope-clip/
  5. YUYAO GONGYI METER CO., LTD. (YUYAO CHANGJIANG TEMPERATURE METER FACTORY) founded twenty years ago in YuYao Zhejiang province China, One of the China electronics Hi-Tech district. We are the biggest Temperature meter manufactory in China. In the past twenty years, we do research, developing, production and sales as a whole, this make us a unique position in the instrument industry. Our top reliable products have its best price, it are widely used in auto manufacture , food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical industry and all kind of automatic production lines where need Temp control application. Our more than twenty years rich experience in instrument industry makes us the annual sales up to more than five hundred thousand units worldwide. All our products are made under IS9001-2008 QC system and supervision by certified third individual quality control institution to issue top quality. It makes all our products the highest reliable number one in the market. Our main products are certified by CE and meet ROHS environment stand. We share the very big international market; our products are in big shipment to European, American and Asia countries. YUYAO GONGYI METER CO., LTD is a manufacture and sales together enterprise, we are together to build future domestic and international market. Our products meet all your requirement. Main line is Universal input intelligent PID Temp controller, Multi- input channel intelligent PID Temp controller, Sixty four channel Temp patrol measure record meter, Twelve channel real time control meter, intelligent Sixty four time segment programmable temp controller,Temp and humidity control meter, flow meter, intelligent panel meter, Multi-function hydro monitor meter, digital paperless temp recorder. All above products come with standard communication port and up lever interface software driver. We also offer timer, temp sensor and transmitter, humidity sensor and transmitter, thermocouple, SCR voltage regulator, solid state relay and isolated 4-20 MA/USB port. New Tech is a key for us; tomorrow’s technology is in our today’s product. The newest IC ships are always implemented in our products to keep us at Hi-Tech front stage all the time. All existing and new customer are all welcome, we do appreciate you do business with us;your feedback is our most valuable thing to improve our service. The customer’s satisfaction is our goal. This is the product and service you can trust. We do our best to serve you better. Digital Display Time Relay manufacturers website:http://www.yycjseos.com/
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    china Knee Hi factory

    Founded in 1988, Yixing Yidie Knitwear Co.,Ltd is situated in Yixing, the capital of ceramics and pottery beside the Taihu Lake, and is just two-hour drive from Shanghai. Yidie is a professional manufacturer of Raschel fishnet and jacquard knitwear, and occupies 30% market share in China by annual output of 35 million pieces of fishnet pantyhose and leggings, 3 million pairs of stayup and kneehi, 3 million pairs of ankle socks and footcovers, 5 million pairs of wedding gloves, 8 million pieces of scarves, 2 million pieces of shawls and 1 million pieces of seamless underwear. Yidie possessed most advanced raschel knitting machine, leading technique and fashionable design.Products from yidie have been sold all over the world by most trustworth quality and timely delivery. In addition, outstanding service and effective communication makes  Yidie much more competitive in the market both at home and abroad. The general manager, Mr. Chu Guoping sincerely welcome the domestic and international customers to communicate and cooperate with us for mutual benefit and prosperous future.     china Knee Hi factory website:http://www.yxyidies.com/ website2:http://www.cnyidie.com/
  7. With advanced processing and testing equipments, Yixing Hongguang Mold Factory in Jiangsu Province, China, is a machinery factory dedicated to design, processing and manufacturing of ceramic mold, ceramic valve film mold, powder metallurgy mold, dry pressing and forming mold, and production of precision parts and fixture. Our factory passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2015. Established in 1987, our factory covers a floor area of 15,000 m2, has over 100 employees, including over 10 senior CAD designers and 3D molding engineers, owns fixed assets of USD 10 Million (including the precision mold workshop established in 2006) and registered capital of USD 3 Million, and boasts annual sales of USD 15 Million. Our equipments include 6 SODICK low speed wire EDM (WEDM) AG600Ls and AQ400Ls and 5 SODICK mirror pulse lathes AD30Ls imported from Japan, 2 HAAS processing centers from U.S, over 10 CNC milling machines and 6 mirror pulse lathes made in Taiwan, 5 CNC lathes from Shenyang Machine Tools Plant, over 10 center lathes, 5 lathes for processing of large-sized workpieces, 20 high-precision middle speed WEDMs, 2 Taiwan-sourced precision planer type milling machines, 2 universal cylindrical grinding machines, 8 surface grinding machines with horizontal spindle and rectangular table M7160, M7140 and M7132 from Hangzhou Machine Tools Plant, 2 centerless grinding machines, 20 large size high-speed WEDMs, over 100 small high-speed WEDMs, three-coordinate and two-dimensional measuring instruments imported from Sweden, and over 100 other small precision equipments. In the management principle of priority to quality and services, we sincerely look forward to serving and cooperating with friends in the industry, and welcome the presence and guidance of customers both at home and abroad.Powder pressing finishing mold website:http://www.yxhgmould.com/
  8. About Grand Jiangsu Grand Drying and Concentrating Equipment Co. Ltd., formed in the 1992, locates in Zhoutie town, Yixing City, Jiangsu province, it has land coverage of 160,000sqm, has registered capital of 80 million RMB; total assets 608.02 million RMB, 526 enrolled employees, including 38 senior engineering technical personnel. Grand is specialized in the design and fabrication of concentrating and dewatering equipment. We have provincial level research and design institute for drying and concentration technology, and light industry institute. We can take turn key project for alcohol, starch, glucose, pharmacy, milk products, chemical waste water, high-salt waste, high protein juice and pectin etc., including design, manufacture and installation service. Looking upon the product innovation as the tent, in the spirit of aiming high and aggressiveness, our company delivers the sincere service and good equipments to our vast customers. Since our company was founded in 1992, we have been taking the spirit of “leading by the science and technology, developing by innovation, survive by quality and treat customer with integrity”, and managing with the ideas of “talent strategy, advanced technology, customers come first”. We have invited foreign expert to develop new products, which forms science and technology, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning as a system service managing. Our company always carries out the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction, and we have achieved national ”Awards of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction”. In recent years, we have improved our product quality and performance by working with Cargill, Roqutte, CJ, Corn Products, and COFCO, our products have been sent to many foreign countries. We have made evaporators totally 300 sets of MVR, TVR, falling film, forced circulating evaporators and over 500 sets of dryers. Managing Team We are professional at research, development, manufacture and technical promotion of the drying and concentrating equipment. Our company has an experienced and cooperation management team, they pursue the common career prospect and enterprising spirit, devote to high-quality production and advanced process innovation. We are glad to share our high-class technology and management with our customers to expand domestic and foreign market. Our culture: profession creates value, innovation pursues excellence, integrity accomplishes quality, standard achieves future. R & D Team Grand owns an expert team from abroad and China, and many smart, diligent engineers. They are full of experience and dig very deep to the product development, and they have been offering long term, continuously support to the research and development for new technique. They analyze every details of using equipment, hold the market requirements, and then develop creative technical and design, as the break and experience of the industry, by which we have been leading in local business and catch up with the advanced level in the word. Introduction of engineer Dave Kersey: He is a world renowned expert for designing evaporating system, has been engaged in designing evaporating system for 35 years. He has been learning very deep in all kinds of evaporating system using many heat sources, and he can design for many industries. He invented his own evaporating system designing software which can estimate and optimize. He has very strict attitude and forces on the details, so his works have good reputation in many famous companies in the work. Zhang Wenli(chief designer): He has been working at Grand since 1998, designed many types of evaporators. He leads other scientific research person and invented the first waste heat evaporator in China, and he undertake 2002 “JMZ Corn Deep Processing Waste Heat Falling Film Evaporator Development” National Spark Plan project. Work Sites Grand owns manufacturing workshop of 100,000m2, including special type metal workshop. The maximum lifting capacity of one crane is 100tons. The rolling machine working capacity can reach 80mm thickness. The maximum length of the lathe machine can be 15 meters. And the edge planer can deal with length maximum 15 meters sheet plate. Grand owns hydraulic machine 500tons and 2500tons, also all kinds of lathing, rolling and welding machines to satisfy the manufacturing requirement. Company Qualification Grand has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification. Many types of dryer and evaporators are listed as high-tech product in Jiangsu province. Multi-effect evaporator using waste heat technology has the achievement appraisal held by the Scientific Commission of Jiangsu Province. We have D class pressure vessel designing permit, A2 class pressure vessel, ASME certificate. We own many proprietary technology and proprietary intellectual property rights. Selling Network We could offer serialized, large-scale and complete setted equipments, including chemical industry, light industry and food industry, pharmacy etc., our products have been exported to USA, Russia, Canada, Portugal and Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, Kenya, Philippine etc.Customized TVR multiple effect evaporator website:http://www.yxgrand.com/ website2:http://www.grandevaporate.com/
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    NFL Shoelace Charm

    Product Name:Blue full pave ball shamballa necklace. Style No.: SHN-001 DIY your shamballa necklace with different kinds of dangles include other full pave balls, pair a suitable chain. wear them with your love and a little inspire.NFL Shoelace Charm website:http://www.ywmelone.com/ website2:http://www.fashionmelone.com/
  10. Choose us, choose success In 2006 when The Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd first opened it's doors, ALLENCOCO a tradition brand of unsurpassed Service, Quality, and Value was born. As the years passed, that tradition became more and more entrenched in how we approach our business. Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd acknowledges that today's customers are more sophisticated and that tastes are more individualized. In order to provide these customers with the highest level of service, we offer a capable design team to realize their ideas and wishes. Our factory and sales team will strive to contribute for this. For over the years, Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd has been providing our customers with exceptional products backed by superior service. With its rich tradition of quality and caring, Yiwu Dongrong Jewelry Co.,Ltd looks forward to many more decades of service to customers who have a deep respect for quality, a thirst for knowledge and a desire for a trusting relationship with a very personalized firm. It is our desire that our website will continue that tradition.Buy Crystal Pendant Necklace website:http://www.ywdrjewelry.com/