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  1. You definitely have some interesting points. Im super grateful to have players that are willing to go above and beyond to help make our server better.
  2. twistedgoose

    GDK and Moggeboy's Big Giveaway Event.

    I think this was a super fun giveaway. It would be nice to do these more often
  3. twistedgoose

    Poll for Sacri Shield

    It would be really cool to add these in ways such as range and mage. Offhands are just super useful for melee. But thanks for the suggestions we appreciate it
  4. twistedgoose


    These are really good suggestions. We will definitely keep them in mind. Let us know if you think of anything else
  5. twistedgoose

    Ideas/fixes for the server

    Having a G.E. in game could increase flow of items as well. These are really good suggestions we will definitely take them into consideration
  6. twistedgoose

    About Kiteshield - AMA?

    nerddddddd haha jk love you