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    I love to game, play sports, and hitting the slopes!

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  1. cytogen

    Looking into 2018 - Future Updates

    yes it was a great start, i just believe a zone or monster dedicated to creating cash flow would solve many issues, as you get to higher cost items lets say 100b. Even alching will take some time to obtain 100 tickets.
  2. cytogen

    Looking into 2018 - Future Updates

    we really need a way to increase cash flow in this game, so i think a new monster or monster area that drops larger cash stackt and even bill ticks would be amazing for the server, all dicing and sales will increase.
  3. cytogen


    Hey all, my name is Nick, but known to you all as Cytogen. im loving this server and feel im here to stay. Just wanted to say hi and don't be strangers in game
  4. cytogen

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    dicer rank here.