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  1. ninjaachmed

    NINJA's goodbye.

    hello everyone. as alot of people know. - i scammed spudex. why did i do it? simply because i never liked spudex. and he is the most selfishy player on the server. he wouldn't give a fuck about ruining the eco, by giving out items to people. - its been a good time on the server. goodbye everyone and have fun! MANIC is a epic server
  2. ninjaachmed

    Updates of 8/14/2016

    Really Nice Update! What about upping the Price of trading Sticks? Or is there going to be a shop? This is gonna help alot though. Great job Justin also 3rd age gear is 300-500m ingame. So i Would suggest either upping the Price a bit or Remove from the list, since the drop rate is fairly low.
  3. ninjaachmed

    Easy Annihilation Points Guide

    great guide!
  4. https://gyazo.com/bdb3cd09c45f1987bfe9b10d7831f7d9 and got another drop same day! https://gyazo.com/1aa827a6ba0d69253efe154ed55a39d3