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    resignation form

    Unfortunately, as of today i have chosen to resign. The main reason for this is because i do not agree with the way thing's are being handled by justin. Mainly donation wise. day after day sending a problem with people's donations to just be ignored. day after day, being blown up in pm's ranging from people complaining about donations, to people complaining about the eco has taken it's toll. I understand he is a busy person, but he cant do everything on his own.that is why staff exist. I had such a great time being a part of the team and it helped me get through a really tough time in my life the last few months. I will still be around now and again, for i treat manic like family, and i still really enjoy the server for all it gives and more. Manic has one of the best RSPS communities around and that's something you cant replace. I hope everyone can understand and appreciate my decision. #MANICBOYS #FREEORBIT <3 :I <3
  2. SonyPony

    New Boss Event

    thats pretty cool actually, great idea! maybe enraged god armor? give it a few stats over regular god armor and change the color just like the dh
  3. SonyPony

    Team Boss - Treus Dayth Guide!

    thanks! and yeah ill fix it soon. was pretty late when we did this haha.
  4. How it works: only 6 players will be allowed to enter the minigame at a time(cape slot must be empty). once a game has started, no other game may be started until it is finished. when entering the minigame you will be asked if you would like to be a help, or a fighter. there will be 3 helpers, and 3 fighters. helpers are strongly suggested to wear mage gear and bring ice barrage. Fighters = Fighters will consist of One melee, One Range and One Mage. Melee Gear = Sacrificial Helm (Upgraded Black KBD Helm) > Black KBD Helm > Golden KBD Helm > Enraged Dharok's Helm > Sacrificial Platebody (Upgraded Godly Platebody) > Godly Platebody > Evil Primal Platebody > Primal Platebody > Sacrificial Platelegs > Evil Primal Platelegs> Primal Platelegs > Dragonchaos Platelegs > Sacrificial Boots (Upgraded Primal Boots) > Primal Boots > Steadfast Boots > Gloves of Silence > Sacrificial Gloves (Upgraded Gloves Of Darkness) > Gloves Of Darkness > Gloves Of Endurement (Upgraded D Slayer Gloves) > D Slayer Gloves > Sacrificial Offhand > Corrupted Offhand Drygore Longsword > Shield Of The Lords > Plasma Spirit Shield > Demonic Kiteshield > Amulet Of Valor > Amulet Of Might > Blood Necklace > Yin Yang Amulet > Fighter's Ring Of Wealth > Legendary Ring Of Wealth > Super Ring Of Wealth > Sword Of The King > Sword Of Resurrection > Sacrificial Tri Whip (Upgraded Tri Whip) > Disturbed Whip > Icy Whip > Tri whip Range Gear = legendary wolf > pernix > glaiven boots > legendary wolf bow > oblivion bow > glorious crossbow > gloves of silence > gloves of velocity > barrows gloves > demonic shield > gold defender > Shield of the lords > amulet of ranging > amulet of valor > Fighter's Ring Of Wealth > Legendary Ring Of Wealth > Super Ring Of Wealth Mage Gear = Sacrifical helm (upgraded black KBD helm) > gods monocle > black kbd helm > Eldermage set > battlemage set > virtus set > sacrifical gloves > zombie gloves > ragefire boots > tome of frost > shield of the lords > demonic shield > wand of the underwold > esoteric staff > fighter's ring of wealth > seer's ring (i) > third age amulet > amulet of frost > amulet of valor > Fighter's Ring Of Wealth > Legendary Ring Of Wealth > Super Ring Of Wealth Role Guide: Fighters Role = Fighters will be the ones fighting the actual Team Boss itself. Fighters will need to pay attention to Boss HP becuase at 85% > 70% > 55% > 40% > 25% > 10% of his HP there will be flames that will do 10 dmg every game tick you are inside of them. Flames only last a few seconds so while they are there make sure to get out of the 3 x 3 area around the boss. The boss will also periodically say PREPARE TO DIE!!, When this happens he will then crit each of the three fighters for 80 hp During the fight make sure as the fighters on the team to keep hitpoints above 100 so that you do not get comboed and killed. It is also important as fighters to keep in communication with the 3 helpers on the team as to there food situation as helpers can fish food and use it on fighters to give them extra food. There are also be minons that will spawn for fighters to kill. these minons will spawn at 75%hp > 45%hp Skeleton Gorilla = Mage Fighter Kills Champion = Melee FIghter Kills Warlock = Range Fighter Kills While fighting these mobs be careful and make sure to keep HP above 100 so you do not get comboed by the Team Boss itself and the other mobs. Helpers Role = Helpers have a few things that they need to bring with them when entering the Team Boss room. They need a fly fishing rod, a hatchet of any kind, a tinderbox, Ice barrage runes, either a melee weapon or range weapon ie. Oblivion bow or Thoks. When helpers first join the room they need to go north and find the fishing spot to start fishing Rainbow fish. Once fished they then need to cook them these fish are for the fighters who during this time are fighting the main boss. Starting at 2 minutes directly north of the fishing spot there will spawn 4 zombies, this is where the runes come into play, as helpers you need to make sure they do not get to the fighters or they will one shot them. so ice barrage them to freeze them and take either your melee or range weapon and kill the zombies. These zombies will spawn roughly every 2 minutes after the initial spawning of the zombies and continue to freeze and kill all zombies that spawn. At 50% health on the main team boss a Sea Troll Queen will spawn south of the fishing spot in which only the helpers can fight. During this time helpers will not be able to fish and food for the fighters so be prepared to prior to her spawning and have food ready for the fighters or drop some raw fish on the ground to cook if needed during the sea troll queen fight. It is recommended to bring saradomin brews and a few restores into the fight that way you can drop brews for the fighters if needed.