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  1. i noticed that my dragon skirts don't sell like my dragon plate legs do can we please fix there prices to match, preferably make the skirt the same as the legs or a little less.
  2. Sorry for the shit quality am going to start recording in HD
  3. Burnn

    Loot from 100 moles

    All the items in my inventory. not including the rocktails or overloads. After opening the clues and c keys
  4. Burnn

    Hello :)

  5. Burnn

    Low level bosses guide

  6. Burnn

    ManicPS ~ Account Pin

    Great Video Matias
  7. https://youtu.be/MKHGNmPJpto
  8. https://youtu.be/Zc5df9q7zu0 I will be making more progress videos. Tell me what you think of my first short video. I will also do loot videos on my main account Burnn
  9. Burnn

    Slayer helmet

    I love the idea of making it upgradabul by the tasks completed. then do you think adding in recolors just for cosmetics? or you can only re color after you have made your helemt full or 100% complete to show how boss you are at doing slayer.
  10. Burnn

    Slayer helmet

    ty Dr
  11. Burnn

    Slayer helmet

    I feel like no one uses the slayer helm on this server. I say we make it worthh the grind. Add to it bonuse damage on your slayer task in all combat methods. aswell as bonuse slayer poins on completion of a task (3-5) points maybe Also increase the bonuses on it the defense and str prayer make it a little jacked up so its worth getting. Slayer helm will allow you to examin and tell you your task and how many kills you have left. Slayer helm will also allow you to teleport to your task. Now for the fun stuff. We all get this garbage drop from kbd the kbd head. I say we use that to add to our slayer helm to recolor it aswell as increase the stats. And maybe add another item to it to recolor it aswell but i dont know what do add to it more stats the same as kbd but diffrent color or just a lot of pray bonuse. (give me your imput please) Add like 30k gold ore to the helm to make it gold to give you 5% more drop rate
  12. Burnn


    I like the ideas, can we all to it. Make Dragon fire shield auto spec. meaning you dont need to right click and hit operate. it could be on a 30 second timer or such so it fires automaticly.