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  1. Bahahaha <-- Only one who won >:] Besides that, the donator video, totally helps. Jeez, killer benefits and personally I NEED to donate now(x
  2. Jun

    Slayer helmet

    My opinion on recoloring encompasses all of the items. I want to actually to be able to buy dye from either vote shop, prestige shop or donation points but that would conflict with the custom colored Torva, all of the custom colored top-tier items would be in conflict with the idea. But I still really want to be able to dye stuff. Though, besides that, I think re-coloring would be an awesome option at the end of the helmet's completion. You would go and talk to Kuradal and she would have the option of upgrading your helmet. For the final upgrade it would be like "Congratulations on completing the Helm of Slaying... what color would you like? Original, Gold, Blue, Red..." so fourth. If this idea is serious there could be an addition to the accomplishments through slayer.
  3. Jun

    Slayer helmet

    My take would be adding task completion bonuses to the Slayer Helm. Ever 5-10-20-50-100-300 tasks completed the slayer helm would continue advancing and having stat bonuses. Slayer Helm 1 --> Slayer Helm 2 --> Slayer helm 3 --> Slayer helm 4 --> Slayer helm 5 --> Slayer King's Helmet. Or even custom names for each completion. In addition to this, maybe for each slayer task completed there would be a roll-over effect, you would continuously gain more slayer points. If this is done the cost of each item would need to be extended. I would also call for an extension to the items at the slayer store. The addition of an entire set of custom slayer items that are centered around range. Bow of Slaughter, Coif of Slaughter, Range top of Slaughter, Range legs of Slaughter --> a whole set of range from slayer. I would say it absolutely should not be top gear, it should be above third-age but a few points or below a few points as to give an option of finding range gear that is not at the top but in the middle and is attainable. If this idea is plausible I would love to expand on it(x Of course you could choose to ignore this guy's rants, just a random spark of an idea from the post.
  4. When you just watched someone throw away 80B. Who even has that much. *sniff, personally I would be devastated.
  5. Torva/ Kryptonite Defender

  6. I would love this, easier to have drop parties.
  7. Jun

    Box Donor

    I would love this to be implemented. It's like a flare that's absolutely unnecessary, but enticing. Though, if it's difficult to program, screw it.
  8. Jun

    Dropping Items

    My only worry is duping. I do not mind the extra few seconds it takes to drop items because of the risk of dupes, personally.
  9. ManicPS, some Jesus and Wrestling