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  1. Hello Manic! Today we bring to you a new expansion to pets! .::Preview::. Mother Goose and I have heard you out and we decided to start the introduction of custom pets at barrows, as I stated these pets are custom so what else to do but give them custom effects? .::EFFECTS::. Veracs pet sets prayer to 99 every 1min and 30 sec Dharoks pet boosts melee damage by 5% Guthans pet boosts the effects of soulsplit by 5% Torags pet increases resistance to ALL damage by 5% Ahrims pet heals you to full health every 1.5 minutes Karils pet increases amount of bolt special attacks .::The Minigame::. All barrows brother will drop 100 barrows coins which can be used at the wise old man to purchase your pet, each pet is 200K coins. If you are lazy and willing to sacrifice 25K coins you can get the magnet! Any suggestions please post down below and we are more than willing to implement good ideas!
  2. Manic .::Economic Improvements::. ~Along with Better Benefits for our New Players~ I want to keep this update short and simple because that's exactly what it is. We buffed alch prices on skilling items & added new methods for making quicker cash. We also added some large gold drops to a majority of the bosses within game. To finish off this update, beginner's get a new place to train allowing for better drops for a total of 2 hrs along with a new custom weapon and ring of wealth for the new players. Let's get more in depth to the details of the update shall we? .::Skilling Adjustments::. 1) make chinchompas great again - 7m per chinchompa ~ 4.6B an hr 2) implings, max impling dragon, 9m per looting ~ 4.32b an hr 3) stalls, last stall, 3.25m per thieve ~ 3.5b an hour 4) tickets are 2.1m at & at ::mz while making ~ 3.78B bills an hour 5) rocktails are 3.3m each & making ~ 3.96B per hour 6) member thief stall - 3.75M per click & makes ~ 4.05B an hr .::Beginner Improvements::. 1) Untradable ring that is the same as a Legendary Ring of Wealth this item last for 48 hours (2 days) now offered to beginner's 2) Untradable weapon that degrades in 48 hours that is called the Beginner's Whip .::Beginner Only Zone::. - copied rock crab with 500 hp - used penguins for the zone - 2hrs of time max to be in this zone - 25m cash drops per npc drop - drop tables as revenant knight, all godwars dungeon bosses, moles Access @ ::nub2rich That is it for now, thanks for reading! Brought to you by: The Manic Team & Mother Goose
  3. loadedglock

    Better cash flow ingame

  4. loadedglock

    Better cash flow ingame

    I believe this would take days longer due to us having to decide each price of each item and then divide it by X and as you can tell there is A LOT of items I would most likely be doing. I personally don’t support the bill for items anymore due to the sheer amount of work and the effect being that we wouldn’t have many items circulating anymore
  5. loadedglock

    Better cash flow ingame

    Absolutley, any update we do especially with the eco we spend manyyyyyy many hours on every detail, community input for this is essential as well. @e t h a n
  6. loadedglock

    Better cash flow ingame

    @e t h a n I tend to disagree with you, dreamscape and imagineps both have it and it works perfectly fine so why not us? Perhaps that’s what is holding us back in player count; the impossible way to get ahead in the server like my previous comment... some people don’t have time to virtually play ironman mode. The gold4junk would make all items sink to the price in that shop causing the issue of not being sufficient items.
  7. loadedglock


    Very nice I’d like to see a loot from 1k, I’d even leave you alone during that time ifff you sold me the ballista
  8. loadedglock

    Better cash flow ingame

    Yes it will increase the price but it will give new people an actual chance to make money rather than forcing them to either grind out each item as if they were ironman or gamble and quit.
  9. loadedglock

    Better cash flow ingame

    I support this, it would allow cash flow into the game for new people so it can make progression much easier and they could actually save up for certain things by PLAYING.
  10. loadedglock

    Quest idea

    the quest would give access to the second world we have in development
  11. loadedglock

    Quest idea

    Manic RSPS Quest This quest is about defeating the evil kings who have taken over the land of manic, once the evil kings have been slain you will be granted the reward of XYZ. CHAPTER 1: Wilderness King - Wilderness volcano - Must talk to edgeville slayer master to learn how to defeat this king CHAPTER 2: East of jigging is the Ogre King Speak to the wizards in yanille to learn how to defeat this king CHAPTER 3: Sand king is in the southern desert - Speak to bob the cat to learn how to defeat this king (located on top of the temple in the desert) CHAPTER 4: Death King will be in burgh de Rott - Speak to the old man at barrows after starting this quest he will have this dialogue instead of the regular until completion. CHAPTER 5: Must talk to the master herbalist to learn how to create the potion to poison the champion as he will hit way to hard unpoisoned, after creating the potion the player must speak the Master mage to imbue the potion. CHAPTER 6: Slaying the manic champion - Quite difficult boss but can only be done in OSRS Gear! CHAPTER 7: Must tell all the good kings i.e. King Ronald from Varrock that the world is now safe then speak to Merlin the wizard who will set you on a miniquest to open the rift to the next dimension CHAPTER 8: The subquest\miniquest from Merlin will require you to collect certain ingredients for him to use in a ritual to open the rift Thoughts/Suggestions, threw this together in 10 mins
  12. loadedglock

    Graphics wanted, paying ing currancy

    I am looking for some dope graphics, the better the more ill pay, willing to drop up to around 250b @Ninebang I know you do Graphics so hit me up on disc, Zixxen#9894
  13. WILDERNESS The concept behind the King of the Wilderness update is to spice both PVM and PVP up with the true ruler of the wilderness, This will be a competitive item to obtain and maintain. If you are the lucky one to obtain the crown listed below are the effects of the Wilderness Crown. When you have the Crown of the Wilderness: * Permanent skull until the King is slain or leaves the wild * Permanent teleblock until the King leaves the wild * Leaving wild or logging out with the crown sends it back to it's spawn King of the Wilderness Crown perks: * Operate crown to refill special attack with 3-5 minute cool down * 139 is the max HP with the crown of the wild * 5% damage boost in PvP * Weaken npc's attacks by 25% within the wild * Increased E.P. gain speed by 15% * Increase chance at wilderness keys by 5% Some special things to take note: * After someone dies the crown spawns in 2 hours * Crown takes 2 hrs to spawn after server restarts "If every fool wore the crown, we would all be Kings"
  14. loadedglock

    Momentum PVM // Manic's #1 PVM Clan

    Interesting to see a pvm clan!
  15. loadedglock

    The weed skill

    you'd have my vote if this goes in depth all over the game not just become dead content.