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  1. Gildarts

    Bank Placeholders

    sweet idea itll help a tonn load, but is the extra coding for that really worth when u gotta keep the server up 24/7?
  2. Gildarts

    i might aswell tell yall bout me

    nice to hear you overcame it bro! nice to meet you bro
  3. Gildarts

    Claim Your Forum Rank Here!

    dono if anyone checks this but yh
  4. Hi everyone I'd like to suggest this weekly competition for the graphics section where anyone can take part weekly and have a chance to win in-game cash! Please let me know what you think below, or just let me know whether you will take part using the poll. Rules: Your entry must be your own work. It must not be made prior to the start of the competition. Keep the size around 500x350 for horizontal or 350x500 for vertical. During voting you may not persuade others to vote for your entry, or vote for your own. Voting System: Each judge allocates 10 points to 3 people: 1st place - 5pts 2nd place - 3pts 3rd place - 2pts Additionally, the public poll is equal to one judge, giving 10 points in total. These points are used to determine the winners and are independent of the prize points. Prizes: 1st place: 3pts 2nd place: 2pts 3rd place: 1pt Public Favourite: 1pt Points are accumulated for participation, you are able to redeem the points with me or a judge for the following rewards. 5 points for 100M 15 points for 300M 35 points for 700M
  5. Gildarts

    Gildarts' Hunger Games!

    Guys event is being moved to Tuesday at the same time. sorry for the inconvenience
  6. Gildarts

    Gildarts' Hunger Games!

    thats the whole point of Hunger Games right XDD tbf 1 person can just barrage everyone but they still have to risk a set and runes and get skulls on top of that find me with 500m cash, that being said other can do the same simultaneously which makes them risk their risk lol just that small paradox should help people stick to the rules.
  7. Gildarts

    Gildarts' Hunger Games!

    Gildarts' Hunger Games Friends Chat: Help Where: We will Meet at home Prize: Depends weather you die or not Date and Time: Hosts: Kid Co-Hosts: Event Description: Everybody in this event will be given Full Rune armour and a Rune 2h, once everybody has their amour and possibly food ect.. We will make out way to to the east side of the Magic arena Bank, once you leave the bank let the GAMES COMMENCE! Take a note that I will will be carrying 500M Cash on me, if you locate me during the event make sure u HUNT me down! If you have any further question feel free to PM in game
  8. Gildarts


    Hey guys thought I may aswell introduce myself. I started Manic a few days ago found the server pretty cool so I've decided to start making vids on it. Reason im playing RSPS' again is because I got my main banned on RuneScape for botting when i have actually never botted and apparently the perm ban is not appeal-able RIP.