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  1. Its-Nieko

    Instance Dungeon Concept 1.0

    I was playing a bit before i left for work, l was on the test server, i noticed that the guardian doesn't drop the potion bag, and the dwarves dont drop the handcannon parts either
  2. Its-Nieko

    Bank Placeholders

    this would make bank organization easier for me +1
  3. My name is Nikolas, im 28 years old, i work full time as a grocery store floor lead. im legally blind, have had multiple surgeries on my left eye due too an old drug habit i managed to beat. im a laid back stoner haha go figure since im from cali i love everyone until they give me a solid reason to dislike them. i love metal, rap, country, edm, weed, family, kids, RS, WoW. GAmes in general!!! Pm me ingame im always up for a convo<3 Its Nieko