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  1. mr ice

    i might aswell tell yall bout me

    nice to meet you bro add me in-game looking forward to play with you dude im a fellow stoner from iceland
  2. mr ice


    love it !
  3. good after noon fellow manic players and staff my name is Mr Ice in game but my real name is Alex i come from a country named Iceland and i have lived there all my 21 years ( turning 22 this june ) mabye i will have a event on my b day i started ca 5-6 days ago and i love this server so much that i have donated 125$ and i got my self a divine rank and im gonna donate this weekend also another 100k points i am working full time with the disababled and i try my best to stay online as long as i can so that is all guys looking forward to see you guys in-game Best Regards Alex ( Mr Ice)