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  1. elementalwar

    Sand bag

    +1 considering the command isn't always accurate
  2. elementalwar

    Gluttonous Behemoth Boss Guide

    good work on the guide, you can use boots of momentum, i use them for my runs.
  3. i threw some mechanic ideas but pretty sure he shot em all down lol
  4. no, sacri items are "rechargable" the "recharge" cost is not 50-100b thats just to sacrifice it. lol
  5. it means the recharge cost which is either 2 or 3b not 50-100b to recharge.
  6. everyone is far off completing it lol pretty sure it was just him and justin. also nice work kite, new sacri models are nice and i'm sure the boss will keep people thinking and busy lol
  7. elementalwar

    I have returned!

    welcome back love treus, hope to see more bosses like him and been keeping him active content
  8. elementalwar

    Update the Price Guide

    10b+ i believe. but they're cosmetic
  9. elementalwar

    Update the Price Guide

    bi weekly is 2 weeks not one ?
  10. elementalwar

    Update the Price Guide

    the price guide needs to be updated on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. prices change, at least in a stable economy they do.
  11. elementalwar

    Loot from 100 Baby Corp

    i should've did one for 1k baby corps. considering i've done almost 2k total lol
  12. sounds interesting cause professional writer over here wrote it
  13. elementalwar

    Here's a little intro.

    welcome to manic, i'll see you around. and nice to know you're active on forums because not too many are unless they need info
  14. elementalwar

    Manic Wiki

    and trust me i know the struggle you explained, i used to have 6 pages open at all times too, until i started having more to do, one person can only do so much, but by now i remember most the info anyways.
  15. elementalwar

    Manic Wiki

    i will still mention it though