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  1. feardeath888

    Updates of 07/28/2018 - The Perk Master

    sound interesting good to see you pushing out new content lately
  2. feardeath888

    suggestion for charm.gold and trading sticks magnets

    great idea for magnets and i think key magnet would be really helpful
  3. feardeath888

    Updates of 05/02/2018 - Enchanted PVM Gifts

    love it
  4. feardeath888

    [ARCHIVED]Staff feedback April 2018

    ------------------------------------------ Owner - Teh Justin Activity: 5/10 Helpfulness:0/10 What to improve: start talking to people, and don't make competitions if your not going to give rewards. ------------------------------------------ Co Owner - Kiteshield Activity: Helpfulness: What to improve: come back to us kite ------------------------------------------ Administrator and forum mod - Gnxt Activity:8/10 Helpfulness:5/10 What to improve:helpful sometimes, guards guthix dungeon well ------------------------------------------ Moderator and forum mod - elementalwar Activity:10/10 Helpfulness:3/10 What to improve:alright this mother f... i mean doing great man ? ------------------------------------------ Support and forum moderator - Anna Activity:8/10 Helpfulness:8/10 What to improve:does the job i guess ------------------------------------------ Support - Hugoboss Activity:7/10 Helpfulness:6/10 What to improve:stop trollin ------------------------------------------ Support - Hendsome Activity:5/10 Helpfulness:5/10 What to improve:talk a little more ------------------------------------------ Support - Bilymayshere Activity:8/10 Helpfulness:5/10 What to improve:wake up ------------------------------------------ Support - Goofy dog Activity:7/10 Helpfulness:9/10 What to improve:play more my brudah ------------------------------------------ Support - Barrowsglove Activity:7/10 Helpfulness:7/10 What to improve:help newbies so i don't have to ------------------------------------------
  5. sounds awesome!! Brings back memories of halo 3 infection