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    Ok listen up justin noob - Firstly lets start with instanced prestige bosses cause im sick of max gear campers sitting there for the entire day. -secondly add a fucking useful magnet the ones in Annihilation store are shit and mostly useless (coin one) add one to ATLEAST pick up the items you get or even one in donor store to bank them and set it at a reasonable price im sure most of your community would be more than happy to pay - PUT A GODDAMN TIMER ON OVERLOADS RENUALS AND VENG - A DROP LOG (no one gives a fuck about how many they've killed we want to see loot.) - AUGURY AND RIGOUR its 2000 fucking eighteen m8 YOU WANT TO GROW YOUR PLAYER BASE YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON NEW PLAYER CONTENT NOT ENDGAME BOSSES - 30 prestige levels and yet all the prestige bosses excluding 1 are in the first 10 levels... get your shit together champ sorry and thankyou Edit - WHERE THE FUCK ARE BOSS PETS???? also a giant version of boss pets where players could toggle off the visuals if they get overwhelming would be awesome and something i have never seen on any other server.
  2. Tell your puppy @Gnxt to wake up and get online

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    I'm a wizard

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    Updates of 01/13/2018 - Trues Dayth The Team Boss

    please make esoteric helm it hurts to wear virtus mask with the set
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    Says im banned

    suckshit retard hacker i was using vpn only one online WOOHOO
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    Says im banned

    same just now... hacker online or?