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  1. Barrowsglove


    I like the idea of this. +1
  2. Barrowsglove

    Report in-game bugs and get rewarded! [Make Bills!]

    I've heard Runelocus has been having issues on their end that's what has been coming up lately
  3. Barrowsglove

    Report in-game bugs and get rewarded! [Make Bills!]

    I just tested ::mempromo myself and it does work.
  4. Barrowsglove

    I have returned!

    Welcome back kiteshield glad to have you back
  5. Barrowsglove

    New Manic youtube video by Prod2

    Guys we recently got a youtuber playing along with us and he was nice enough to put out a video for us! Show him some love check out the video give him a like and a follow! Video Below
  6. Barrowsglove

    Private Instances

    well id not look for the wildy ones like phoenix but other bosses in game besides the list, add some pres bosses and such but not phoenix and we already have glod in dicer zone though there only 3 i think max 4 there.
  7. Barrowsglove

    conection error

    old post from April 22nd. Locked.
  8. Barrowsglove

    Private Instances

    I like the idea of adding more bosses to the instances. +1
  9. Barrowsglove

    Updates of 05/09/2018 - Corrupt PVM Gifts

    nice to have unique drops like chests though with a variety of loots
  10. Barrowsglove

    Account Security

    thank you very much for making a nice guide!
  11. Barrowsglove

    Server being down

    Server is back up locking thread.
  12. Barrowsglove

    Forum Giveaways! [LIMITED TIME]: May 3rd - May 5th

    i was on my phone wasnt able to see their post count at the time. But trust me xallo yours was meant to be a like
  13. Barrowsglove

    Forum Giveaways! [LIMITED TIME]: May 3rd - May 5th

    Remember guys need 10 post count it's not too hard you can also start off by building an introduction if you haven't 10 post counts not to bad I'm sure all of you can get your posts up