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  1. Sociopath

    Hey guys (Brenton) here

    community is taking a bit to grow on me I always ask questions and rarely get answers, but regardless welcome to the last server you will ever visit! See you around
  2. Sociopath

    2 plox's awakening

    Ohaider I saw you earlier, mind dropping the link to your yt? I'm not all that familiar with looking people up by their handle
  3. Sociopath


    Erm Hi? I'm not very good with introductions so I'll make this quick I'm from CR/NR era of rsps and stumbled into this place hoping to find what I can't seem to find elsewhere, a server with stuff to do and not a bunch of hateful people. My day job is working for a subcontractor where I do basic carpentry/masonry and I'm an aspiring musician, if you'd like a link to the soundcloud lemme know and I'll be more than happy to link it for you :D; mind you, it's going to be music that appeals to a very small crowd as it is harder than what most people like aka screams n shit Lastly, I don't play osrs I have only ever played private servers so please bare with me! I am annoying and needy but once I get the hang of this place I'll probably never say another word Kind regards, Socio P.S. if anyone from Near-Reality is here tell Will he sucks =P