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    @Mother Goose
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    Win Rewards for Youtube Vids

    In-game name: 2 plox rs
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    New video :D

    Thanks for your support man!
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    New video :D

    -I hope you guys enjoy this, there will be more to come!
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    2 plox's awakening

    Hey guys, I have been playing rsps since some of the first ones came out when I was a kid. I found manicps, and decided to join. already I'm in love with this server. I will be creating content as well as promo vids, so if you have any suggestions or tips feel free to pm me via forums or in game! I live in Japan so I might be online during strange hours. Hope to see and meet all of you in game! p.s. Check out my youtube channels" @Tech support and @2 plox - 2 plox