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  1. goofy dog

    Updates of 05/09/2018 - Corrupt PVM Gifts

    lol there goes value of masks ?
  2. goofy dog

    Manic Spirit Shield Specials

    requires a bit of coding to have this work properly and effectively. good idea though, i suppose
  3. goofy dog


    lol welcome back man, good to have you.
  4. goofy dog

    Claim Your Forum Rank Here!

    lemme get dat helper rank plx
  5. This seems so cool. I like the new content, we'll see how it is! Good job boys.
  6. goofy dog

    [ARCHIVED]Staff feedback April 2018

    I love you man. Life has been a bit crazy this past week, but I'll be back to full on in a day or two!