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    [ARCHIVED]Staff feedback April 2018

    ------------------------------------------ Owner - Teh Justin Activity: 9/10 Helpfulness: 8/10 What to improve: Hes on alot, i know hes working with the server so to say full time, but he should interact and be responsive to the player base. ------------------------------------------ Co Owner - Kiteshield Activity: 0/10 Helpfulness: 5/10 What to improve: His guides gives the community alot, but hes not been on, and i know from previous interaction he can be verry helpfull to everyone and i would love to see him back! ------------------------------------------ Administrator and forum mod - Gnxt Activity: 6/10 Helpfulness: 3-4/10 What to improve: He should interact witht people alot more and help out the other staff more. He does not meet the preformance level of other staff member. ------------------------------------------ Moderator and forum mod - elementalwar Activity: 10/10 Helpfulness: 10/10 What to improve: He does not have much to improve, he should be focusing abit more on sleep and his personal life, cause hes using alot his time on this server. ------------------------------------------ Support and forum moderator - Anna Activity: 9/10 Helpfulness:10/10 What to improve:Always saying that she could help but, sometimes in person dont be roode and jail me ------------------------------------------ Support - Hugoboss Activity: 7/10 Helpfulness: 4/10 What to improve: Needs to actually help people more which is mainly his job. ------------------------------------------ Support - Hendsome Activity:6/10 Helpfulness:4/10 What to improve:Needs to help more, same with Hugo. ------------------------------------------ Support - Bilymayshere Activity:7/10 Helpfulness:9/10 What to improve: Helping alot out in the help chat and allaround nice to other players. ------------------------------------------ Support - Goofy dog Activity: 7/10 Helpfulness: 4/10 What to improve: Needs to help people out more. ------------------------------------------ Support - Barrowsglove Activity:5/10 Helpfulness: 4/10 What to improve: Needs to help more, dont know his timezone but he might be from around the world. ------------------------------------------ I feel like the staff team is getting a bit more rounded, just need another developer or someone to help recover small and big problems when justin is offline.
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  3. PK out war

    Manic Wiki

    Like, no worries, if i want to i could put in the time myself to code, but it would take about 2 weeks, so i can be open to that, and i know you agree with me, but quality over quantity kinda thing for me, if your supposed to do something that takes a while to do, i feel like we should do it properly. If its done well the first time it does not need much work later.
  4. PK out war

    Manic Wiki

    I feel like the forums should be used for a source of interaction, not the only source for information. Legitimizing the content and compressing it with a seprate page with better functionalities than a forum would be nescessary for it to even go through with that amount of work needed. I know i used the ::thread command but what kind of a regular player knows the thread numbers for everything. I always keep 6 papes open from manic because i like to help out people, and i need all those 6 pages open on another screen to get stats, prices and dropprates. I want to be able to have a webpage open and just search for an item so that it compresses everything into one page. Its not really that hard to code, and i think it would change the perspective of the forums to be better, its not just then the information source but then it takes the job of being a interaction zone outside of the game.
  5. PK out war

    Manic Wiki

    Ehhh i disagree here because, for people that hate navigating through a forum it would be the same as it is today. i would want a additional page where you can use a searchbar to find items or bosses, a relink if a item is named after(blue text thing to click on to get more info about the item, sorry bad english) etc.... just like a functional wiki. Would make a whole lot more difference than having it on a forum.
  6. PK out war

    Manic Wiki

    You could even go as far as making a system where the players submit informatiton about an item, and if it is good enough and verified by a Wiki editor it would reward them an ammount of cash. So lets say you tell the wiki editor stats, how its obtainable, price and effects it has, that would give you 50m ingame or something like that. I dont know how it will work, but i can for sure help out figuring a way of it not being too overpower but something you would devote time to do
  7. PK out war

    Manic Wiki

    Exactly, it takes preassure of you not only because things are more accessable, it makes it easier for the players to know the items they want to buy, and not to a bad purchase, it would help the playerbase stay, and it would make it easier for the mods to relax, and not get tierd of answering questions. If they seek information about an item, like for example a rapier of death, they can search it up, and on one page get the stats, price, see max hit and see effects on one page, even how it is obtainable. If you dont know how to do treus or raids its so much more easily accessable there.
  8. PK out war

    Manic Wiki

    I know the harsh part is the start, we have to setup and some coding has to be done on justins side, but i can sure ass hell fill that b*tch up with information. And i think that the community can work together helping eachother out with specific things to gather up information to put out there. So yes i would take that spot of being an editor, but thats why i want it to be a separate rank, so the people on hand could devote their time to that, and let the staff, as it stands today deal with what they have to do. That was the whole point of the rank. Im not out here for fame, i want to help all the players out so i dont need a specific rank, i just need the permision to put information in there.
  9. PK out war

    Manic Wiki

    Miki - the manic wiki ____________________________ Hello! I know that this topic has been brought up. But i want to bring it up again and actually be able to debate it with the regular players and staff. Before you come rattle me with coments saying: "Oh well i guess you just need to learn how a forum works" "Its just a time waste for staff" etc... I would like you too read through my suggestions first, then i will cover my arguments as for why i want a sort of wikipedia for manic. And before you nod your head in agreement, show the support with a reply, showing that this is a good function were missing out on. ________________________________ Suggestions _____________________________ Before i start talking about my suggestions i would like you to take note that i have read, and i agree on the points in a previous undiscussed post in 2016 With these suggestions i want the wiki to fullfill any persons need in a wiki, i want it to be able to help the players that are totally new as well as helping the old manic players. This server is jampacked with special content unfamilliar to any runescappe player, it has items that never have been seen, and bosses that they never have fought. Therefore i want the Wiki to include: Information about ▣︎ All obtainable player items ▣︎ Updated Price guide ▣︎ Staff ▣︎ Events ▣︎ Player owned shops ▣︎ Voting ▣︎ Donating ▣︎ Bosses and monsters ▣︎ Gambling ▣︎ Skilling ▣︎ Minigames and Dungeons ▣︎ Areas in the game ▣︎ Membership Add ranks: ▣︎ Wiki Editor ▣︎ Wiki Helper To say that this is something that wont take much time off someones hands is a lie, but i think this would a necessary step to push this PS into the best one ever made. __________________________ The Added Ranks __________________________ The added ranks are supposed to be hear to combat some of the problems i will combat in this post. Wiki Editor The wiki editor is here to make sure all content in the forums are correct and work on making the forum better day for day. Wiki Helper The wiki helper is a rank added for people to strive for a rank. This is where the player base comes in handy, they can help out and give information in a wiki format to the editors and make their work alot easier. __________________ Positives __________________ If a wiki is created it can solve problems for alot of people, it might seem as if it would be a recreation of the forums but in reality it is a solution to a problem of accessibility. Many people struggle navigating through a forum, and really it is a clusterfuck. It seems kinda organized but it is hard to find sincire and spesific information about single gear pieces, as for us that are progressing up the ladder have to guess or quiz more skilled players to find out what gear pieces to grind and buy. The forums can be an escape route for those who really struggle figuring out what to do. You can look at a weapon in your pricerange and look up its max hit, its positive and negative sides and be a game changer. Most of us go in blind when we progress up the ladder here, and we dont know what a weapon, thatt we probably spent hours grinding for, not really knowing how it will benefit us. I havent even talked about the noobs, cause they would benefit the most. they could more easily figure out what to do and where to do it. I figure you know how tthis will help out noobs so i wont rant out about that. _____________________________________ Negatives _____________________________________ The negatives of creating a wiki is really only the time consumption of this. It will take time to write alot of pages of text just for the sake that someone spend a little less time there rather than just use the forums as of what we got. There is not much more on negatives but i will add as the discussion goes on. __________________________________ Solutions __________________________________ As i talked about in the negatives, time will be a problem we must take on, either someone has to bruteforce it out, or we can get a little help. I mentioned the Wiki helper rank, as in my mind, a step in the right directiton. The Wiki Helper rank is here to combat the time consumption problem and give regular players a rank to grind for. As we know, some players just loves to have some status and will actually grind to get a icon either in the forums or ingame. And this would be a healthy way for the server to let them do it. Their function is to give information to the Wiki Editors in some way, shape or form. could be through a suggestion post on the forums or actually a function on the wiki, so people can suggest edits. The only justification for it is that the information has to be helpfull and speed up the process of making a wiki. If regular players can do this and get some effect in game for helping out the wiki or just the rank it would speed up the process dramaticly. I want all your ideas and suggestions to make this post better, all criticism is good for me. thanks for taking your time and reading through!
  10. PK out war

    Bug report: WOTU and Gods monocle combo

    My conclusion to this situation after a couple hours of usage is that the hit registry is bugged, i also noticed you only get a certain ammount of exp while using the staff. To go back to my programming days i would guess after testing that Hit registration is altered when gods monocle is worn, therefore when the hit registration is in, it hits then check if gods monocle was worn, then shows the number that it should have hit and that is applied to the damage on the mob(therefore why i sometimes would see i hit 0 but then see hp of enemy go down, because the damage rng was lower, then the attack of the WOTU registered without the godsmonocle bonus that is the damage that goes through) but soulsplit, zombie points, slashbash only register the WOTU without the bonus from the gods monocle. That is just a theory, idk how runescape coding works, but out of guessing with the tick based system. the tick where damage is delivered is then also checking if you use a gods monocle, then the next tick will apply the bonus with the gods monocle. Possible fix: Code over the hidden bonus of gods monocle to be checked a tick before attacking, then the server will only process one damage output and then fixing all the bugs listed with the weapon. Only problem is that people can tick flick helmets, so the attacks gets boosted with higher mage bonuses. No idea how you coded it though, could help if you need it.
  11. PK out war

    SecretTraders: Bugs . complaints . Improvements

    The morrigains javelins are also the same as the toktz-xil-ul
  12. Hello, ive been using the WOTU with gods monocle and eledermage gear and ive noticed a couple bugs: Hit registry: At zombies i only got around 300 points for killing one zombie. Where as when i hit 258 i got 26 points, i tried some out with a ROD and got around 5k points per zombie(did not track theese numbers, but there was a significant diffrence). As well as the bug with zombies the same thing happend at slashbash where i got bare minimum points for hittting 100's etc. So i was with one other guy at slashbash and i couldnt even get 500 ppoints before slashbash was at 70% i think i was around 380. so its obvious its either manipulated to not be overpowered at theese bosses and minigames or its a bug As well i think you should classify the WOTU as a mage weapon because i cant even kil kreeara with it because its not a "ranged or magic weapon" Theese are what ive observed after using the WOTU for around 1 1/2 hours. If you want me to dig deeper in the case please tell me.