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  1. BarryMikokiner

    Thank you

    Thank you all for the good times and memories we shared on manic rsps. For all of you that have helped me, I appreciate you 1,000x. For all of you that were awful to me, I hope you poop your pants at the least opportune moment in life. Maybe it'll be an important job interview, or maybe you already got a job and you're giving a presentation. Wherever you are, I hope you soil yourself in the dirtiest way possible. To the rest of you maniacs, good luck on your drops. Good luck on wherever life takes you. Thank you all for the help you have provided me throughout the time I have spent on this server. Dryerboy, next time you're online hit up moneybagss. He'll give you all my stuff. It was such a great pleasure getting to know all of you! Good luck on the rest of your endeavors and may you never be shit on by torva hoarders on this sever -CowWowMoo ?
  2. BarryMikokiner

    Can't sign in?

    Hey guys, I'm not much help, but try to contact a mod or the admin and see if they can get through to Justin. I doubt I can, but if you can't contact them then let me know and I'll try. Best of luck to you both.
  3. BarryMikokiner

    F.A.Q Guide

    I feel like this should be posted somewhere that all new players can see it without having to dig through the guides. I asked so many of these questions when I first started when I could have just looked at this.
  4. BarryMikokiner

    Skilling Guide

    I have been using this since I started a month ago. Great guide. Thank you for making this!
  5. BarryMikokiner

    Updates of 05/09/2018 - Corrupt PVM Gifts

    Definitely one of my favorite content updates on the server
  6. BarryMikokiner

    My latest track - Tranquility (Chill)

    This is awesome! I would love to hear more of what you have!
  7. BarryMikokiner

    What Are you Listening too?

  8. Hey guys, My name is Cowwowmoo, or Kelsey IRL. I have been playing manic for a couple weeks now and I'm having a blast. I used to play rsps all the time as a kid and I missed the grind so I decided to come back and play while I'm in college! I'm majoring in computer science and I'm on my third of four years. I'm looking forward to continuing to get to know all of you in game! -Cowwowmoo
  9. BarryMikokiner

    [ARCHIVED]Staff feedback April 2018

    ------------------------------------------ Owner - Teh Justin Activity: 8/10 Helpfulness: 8/10 What to improve: Nothing really. You can tell he cares a lot about this server. ------------------------------------------ Co Owner - Kiteshield Activity: 6/10 Helpfulness: 7/10 What to improve: Don't really see him around much. Maybe could be more active. ------------------------------------------ Administrator and forum mod - Gnxt Activity: 7/10 Helpfulness:9/10 What to improve:Haven't talked much, but he seems very helpful to other people on the server ------------------------------------------ Moderator and forum mod - elementalwar Activity: 10/10 Helpfulness:10/10 What to improve:No improvements. Ele has been extremely helpful to me. ------------------------------------------ Support and forum moderator - Anna Activity:10/10 Helpfulness:10/10 What to improve:Anna is always willing to help out. She does her job very well. ------------------------------------------ Support - Hugoboss Activity:9/10 Helpfulness:10/10 What to improve:Hugo has always personally helped me when I needed it. He is very friendly and does an excellent job. ------------------------------------------ Support - Hendsome Activity:8/10 Helpfulness:7/10 What to improve:I haven't seen much of Hendsome so I don't have much to say. ------------------------------------------ Support - Bilymayshere Activity:9/10 Helpfulness:8/10 What to improve:Seems very helpful over the server. ------------------------------------------ Support - Goofy dog Activity: Helpfulness: What to improve:I haven't seen Goofy Dog on the server since I have started playing about 2 weeks ago. ------------------------------------------ Support - Barrowsglove Activity:8/10 Helpfulness:9/10 What to improve:Barrows has helped me a handful of times. Very friendly. ------------------------------------------