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  1. .::Restless Graveyard::. Fresh Content coming in hot! We've got a great Update this week for you! Introducing the Restless Graveyard. It is a unique and exciting minigame created by the staff team! It Promotes PvP and adds an extremely beneficial method in obtaining all NEW powerful items. We have 10 new "Aura" Items as possible rewards for progressing through the Graveyard. To start playing this update, read the below text for further details. ~Preview of rewards & drop rates~ ~How to start the Minigame~ To fight the new ghosts within the restless graveyard you'll need a special scroll to deal damage to them. First, You'll want to teleport to ::revs and run west where you will Find the Unholy temple of Zamorak. Here you will want to kill Monks of Zamorak until you get the "Unholy Scroll" 1 In 150 drop chance. After obtaining the "Unholy Scroll" You will now need to run towards the KBD lair then you will need to enter it. Head inside past the three headed beast and Pick Lock the closed chests located on the East and West walls of the KBD's Lair. Do this until you acquire a "Ring of the Master Thief" this is the item we are after! The chest will stun you so be sure to bring food and Anti-fire Protection! Upon receiving the "Ring of the Master Thief" teleport out using the KBD teleport under PvP Teleports. Next, run North-East from KBD and start killing Dark Mages for their "Ashes of Darkness" After obtaining the ashes pickpocket the dark mages until you obtain the "Enchantment of the Undead" After acquiring these Materials you may combine them together to create an "Undead Scroll" You're finally ready to take on the Souls of Fortune to start reaping the rewards! .::Rewards In-Depth::. Make sure to collect all soul fragments that drop from the Souls of Fortune. Use the soul fragments at the the Soul Master to charge your rare drop rewards! To obtain a rare drop in this minigame, kill the Souls of Fortune with Vigilance and persistence. Loot #1: Soul fragment protector Save a maximum of 300 soul fragments on pvp death Charges: 300 Recharge cost: 100 soul fragments Loot #2: Anti-Projectile Amulet Operate amulet to reduce damage of magic, range, & dragon-fire by 50% in PvM Charges: 250 Recharge cost: 125 soul fragments Loot #3: Archer's Goblet Boost range to a level above overloads (only works in PvM) Charges: 500 Recharge cost: 125 soul fragments Loot #4: Warlock's Hourglass Wield the hour glass to speed up magic attack speed by 1 tick 50% of the time (PvM Only) Charges: 750 Recharge cost: 150 soul fragments Loot #5: Follower's Rampage Scroll Increase follower's max hit by 10 damage Charges: 750 Recharge cost: 150 soul fragments Loot #6: Heavy Projectiles Scroll Increases cannons attack damage by 5-15 damage per hit Charges: 750 Recharge cost: 200 soul fragments Loot #7: Cursed Life Amulet Escape death completely outside of PvP Combat Charges: 100 Recharge cost: 250 soul fragments Loot #8: Ring of Anchoring When operated the ring you will slow down your enemy's attack speed by 45% Charges: 150 Recharge cost: 275 soul fragments Loot #9: Scroll of the Gods When operated the scroll will offer one minute of god-mode while including a five minute cool-down after Charges: 150 Recharge cost: 275 soul fragments Loot #10: Scroll of Depositing Use any item on the scroll to deposit it to your bank Charges: 100 Recharge cost: 300 soul fragments That is it for now, thanks for reading! Brought to you by: The Manic Team & Mother Goose
  2. Load

    The Restless Gaveyard Concept

    Maybe if its in wild,Make an amulet or item that Offers them protection from Pkers for some time,that slowly degrades or degrades the longer they are there and then there is cooldown on it in between,to Remedy for those that dont Pk or want to Grind it out in wild,they would atleast feel a bit safer would want to do the content, it could be applied anywhere in Wild if you really wanted it to be. Totem of Protection or Crest of the Gods and possibly a teleport out at any level wildy that also, Could have stats of a Fury or Glory, It can have a long cool down so it isnt abused constantly to avoid Pkers.
  3. Owner - Teh Justin Activity: 5/10 Helpfulness: Is usually very helpful when hes not afk and roaming about the server What to improve:A little more interaction with the server community ------------------------------------------ Co Owner - Kiteshield Activity:0/10 Helpfulness:None so far,as I have never seen kiteshield on only records of his attempts in dungeons and Youtube videos What to improve: Not sure about what could be improved,Ive just been told he isnt around as much but is around in the shadows of Manic ------------------------------------------ Administrator and forum mod - Gnxt Activity:5/10 Helpfulness: Helps whenever hes poked for some questions from when I encountered him What to improve: Pls stop taking all the loots at guthix :c <3 ------------------------------------------ Moderator and forum mod - elementalwar Activity: 10/10 Helpfulness: Very helpful,runs numerous events when he can What to improve: none ------------------------------------------ Support and forum moderator - Anna Activity: 9/10 Helpfulness: Always helping/Answering questions in CC/Yell What to improve: Nothing ------------------------------------------ Support - Hugoboss Activity: 7/10 Helpfulness: Is usually useful when hes not afk or busy with other things What to improve: None that I can see ------------------------------------------ Support - Hendsome Activity: 5/10 Helpfulness: Helps out when help is asked for when hes online What to improve: a little more activity atleast ------------------------------------------ Support - Bilymayshere Activity:8/10 Helpfulness: is helpful when he is out and about on the server What to improve:no complaints about what to improve ------------------------------------------ Support - Goofy dog Activity: sometimes afk but when hes around is usually talking and helping out Helpfulness:7/10 What to improve: Nothing,doing well as he is ------------------------------------------ Support - Barrowsglove Activity:usually active,afk at times when server is a little low in population Helpfulness: 9/10 What to improve:Nothing hes doing a good job so far,even before being promoted ------------------------------------------
  4. Load

    Selling Tri-whip

    Selling my tri-whip taking cash/Item offers <3