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  1. eragon 5555

    Most recent Course project

    heres when i first started this course.
  2. eragon 5555

    Most recent Course project

    This is my most recent project im working on for college. Hopefully with time and some more experience ill be able to make it into something really cool.
  3. eragon 5555

    What Are you Listening too?

  4. eragon 5555

    Recent rewards for 5/12/2018 later on today

  5. eragon 5555

    Updates of 05/12/2018 - Modifications & Changes

    Thank you, and keep up the good work on the server.
  6. eragon 5555

    Pets with bonuses

    Maybe we could get some boss pets that give drop rate bonuses along with other bonuses such as increased STR, Prayer, magic bonus.
  7. eragon 5555

    Pleasure to meet you

    Welcome, if you need any help let me know.
  8. eragon 5555

    Guthix Dungeon Faqs and Tips! (WIP)

    thank you helped clear alot of things up for me.
  9. eragon 5555

    Updates of 05/09/2018 - Corrupt PVM Gifts

    Looking forward to cracking some of these open ?
  10. eragon 5555

    Skilling Guide

    Thank you for this helped alot when i first started.
  11. eragon 5555

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  12. eragon 5555

    The one the only Me

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. I was looking for an RSPS to play while Im on my recovery period for my surgery and I stumbled across this server. I've been playing RSPS for about 12-13 years and this server is very close to the first server I played when it comes to an enjoyable experience. If you see me online I'll more then likely be grinding out towards that prestige master. I look forward to meeting all of you within the game.