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  1. Sequence

    My introduction!

    So its time for my introduction. My name is Stephen, and i live in Norway ( Scandinavia ) I am currently 20 years old and im turning 21 December the 13th. I have been playing a couple of days now, and im loving it so far on this server! Been playing runescape and private servers since 7 or 8th grade ( cant actually remember exact date ) I started playing runescape on christmas day, and i needed a bit of help to understand the language, since my english was very bad back then, its still kinda bad but who cares ? I am also known recently to be the " Donation Guy ". Feel free to send me a pm here on forums or ingame! I also have skype if you want to contact me there. Stephenalexander97
  2. Sequence

    Thought it was time to introduce myself

    Send a pm if you wanna be friends Either ingame or forums
  3. Sequence

    Donor rank benefits

    Good to know tbh
  4. Sequence

    Guthix Dungeon Faqs and Tips! (WIP)

    Good guide
  5. Sequence

    Team Boss - Treus Dayth Guide!

    Not bad, recently tried this Team Boss with some guys, i loved it.
  6. Sequence

    Earn 7 Mystery Boxes within minutes!

    I posted on all 4 sites, named deodorum.