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  1. grandmacarol

    Visual timers/Challenges

    I suggest making an interface above the chat box for type challenges as well as making visual timers in the top right or left hand of the screen displaying what type of exp you have active and for how long, what your drop rate is, and how long current events have until they're over. This would help players who don't know where to look under the quest tab for some of these things.
  2. grandmacarol

    Purp's Suggestions

    I agree with this completely especially the prices, it's hard to know exactly what everything is worth.
  3. grandmacarol

    suggestion for charm.gold and trading sticks magnets

    This would be a great way for people to more efficiently camp without banking as much I fully support +1
  4. grandmacarol

    Donor rank benefits

    Glad this was posted, looking forward to getting dicer rank hopefully in the future! The near future
  5. grandmacarol

    Bank Placeholders

    I couldn't see the coding for placeholders to be THAT difficult, and it would help out so much for people that have terribly messy banks. +1
  6. grandmacarol

    Manic Wiki

    If someone steps up to become a wiki creator/manager that justin approves I would say this is a great idea and would be much easier for things like prices/drops/drop rates updated as well as better guides for certain things like guthix dungeon, how pvm keys work, etc.
  7. grandmacarol

    Pets with bonuses

    I wouldn't mind seeing this or maybe a different way to obtain the pets that are in-game already other than the donation helmet or a grindy 100 achievement points. Maybe a unique boss with a pet drop that is only obtained there?