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  1. Average Guy

    Poll for Sacri Shield

    Tbh I've never had any of them so I couldn't say. I just thought shield of lords was sort of best in slot shield. But yeah I guess you are right about the melee style being better with an offhand.
  2. Average Guy

    Poll for Sacri Shield

    Merlins shield is just for magic right? I chose Lord cause it's a good all around shield.
  3. Average Guy

    Poll for Sacri Shield

    I would love to see a Sacri Shield. Shield of the Lord + Glorious Sacri Kit + billion gold maybe?
  4. Average Guy

    No money? Many problems.

    I think maybe some sort of variant of this would be cool. But as it stands i can see a few problems with this. 1) Prices of items change, you cant expect the coders to constantly change the market value of all the customs. 2) This would put waaayyyyy too much money into the eco. Prices of everything would just skyrocket due to inflation. You basically wouldn't be helping anything. This is a cool suggestion, I just dont see how this could work in a positive way.
  5. Average Guy

    An Average Introduction

    Hello! I am Average Guy. Been playing for a few months now but I thought maybe I should introduce myself. I am 22, average height and weight, and have an average job. If you ever say to yourself, "Hey, I wonder what he is like", just remember! I'm just your Average Guy.
  6. Average Guy

    Buying Corrupt Off-hand

    Buying Corrupt Drygore Off-Hand!
  7. Average Guy


    Selling 14k TorvaX Wings, Fireblood Rapier, and Wand of the Underworld all cheap!