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  2. Couldn't copy your format but...here you go. Hey I just found a bug at the Guthix Dungeon teleport... You can just put a cannon out and kill the King Rammernaut….. Huge bug because the King drops a 40b staff (Esoteric), and other high valued items... please check it out and reward, thanks. ❤️ The format: (copy and paste this in your post) What is the bug you found? Please give an explanation of what the bug does. You can just put a cannon out and kill the King Rammernaut… Step by step, how do you re-create the bug? Go to Guthix Dungeon lay cannon down in a distance of where king ram is and turn on and stay out of his distance. works the same for the second tier boss On a scale of 1-10 how game-breaking or impactful is your bug? states huge bug. -edited and added format By Barrowsglove since he couldn't find the format-