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  1. damn, looks great, looking forward to grinding treus. ---GREAT WORK!!---
  2. Last kingz

    Updates of 12/22/2018 - The Viserion Dungeon

    awesome, can't to grind the shit outta this dungeon. these sets look beast! great stats on all 3 sets and nice juicy drop tables. FLAWLESS WORK.
  3. hell yeah, massive revamp. very nice new custom items awesome work.
  4. Damn nice update, keen as to grind this mini-game for new Armour sets. GREAT WORK.
  5. Last kingz

    Updates of 11/26/2018 - Zombie Wave Minigame

    Great work,rolling out the updates! First of all i love the concept of this new minigame. I like the fact that it able to be completed by players at different stages in the game. Last of all great looking set with very good defence with awesome ability's. I really like this reward system and love that this is for personal gains, reward system for this minigame is perfectly balanced imo. Cant wait to try this out -----GREAT WORK MANIC TEAM & MOTHER GOOSE -----
  6. Last kingz


    welcome to manic!
  7. Last kingz

    A little about me

    welcome, Danbo to manic community. hope you enjoy you're stay.
  8. wow great job, alot of awesome updates and new content. awesome!!