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    Updates of 11/26/2018 - Zombie Wave Minigame

    Great work,rolling out the updates! First of all i love the concept of this new minigame. I like the fact that it able to be completed by players at different stages in the game. Last of all great looking set with very good defence with awesome ability's. I really like this reward system and love that this is for personal gains, reward system for this minigame is perfectly balanced imo. Cant wait to try this out -----GREAT WORK MANIC TEAM & MOTHER GOOSE -----
  2. Last kingz


    welcome to manic!
  3. Last kingz

    A little about me

    welcome, Danbo to manic community. hope you enjoy you're stay.
  4. wow great job, alot of awesome updates and new content. awesome!!
  5. Last kingz

    Updated Boss Drop Table (10/10/2018)

    Up to date very clean and informative. Great job! very helpful. Thanks