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  1. Ayson

    Starter's Guide for New Players!

    Thanks for that @Ryu senshi! I’ll explain that for you and I apologize if you feel that I stole your information from your post. I started this server about 4-5 days ago with no knowledge of what to do or how it works so I was browsing around these forums trying to understand it. I came across a lot of helpful information from your guide which helped me out throughout the game which is why I have some of the same things you listed in your guide but in no way would I ever copy and paste someone else’s work. My guide was very brief because I started it really late but I will continue adding during the night. I just wanted to make something very straightforward with the best information that’s very easy on the eyes.
  2. Ayson

    Starter's Guide for New Players!

    I will add more with the drops for sure. I will also be adding a section with all important shops and NPCs but I don’t think i’m gonna go too in-depth with bossing. Thanks for your help!
  3. Ayson

    Starter's Guide for New Players!

    Thanks so for your comment, I do see where you’re coming from. Both of us started this server very recently and we’ve both progressed pretty quickly. The reason I added the ::revs there wasn’t just to copy and paste from a different guide. The point of the guide is to equip new players with the most helpful information and getting past the “Upgrading gear phase” which I myself had a lot of trouble doing when I started and those were most of the questions I asked in the /help CC. I understand where you’re coming from but everything I put in my guide were things that I wished I knew when I first started Manic, which is the point of the guide and what they are asking for is a complete walkthrough to help new players get started and not get stuck. Plus, I added everything in the order it should be done, the normal thing on this server after barrows is go to revs even in rune armor. Progression is HUGE on this server and it won’t be long until a player hits max combat within his first hour and he’s stuck wondering what’s next. I still have a lot to add to this tho
  4. Ayson

    Earn 7 Mystery Boxes within minutes!

    Hi, I posted on all 4 forum sites with the username "Ayson"
  5. Ayson

    Starter's Guide for New Players!

    Thanks a lot! I associated every color with the ingame colors to make it easier to find what they’re looking for. I will be adding daily :D
  6. Hello everybody, I'm going to help you start out here on Manic PS! This isn't going to be your average RSPS gameplay where you max out your skills and peak within a few days. So if you're looking for something different this will guide you step by step on how to start out. Pre-Game Create an account on the launcher. Choose your Game Mode: Normal - Recommend for your first start. Iron Man - Cannot trade with other players and some restrictions to shops/bosses, similar to OSRS. Hardcore Iron Man - For players who want a real challenge and participate in the leaderboards Set your Account Pin ::setpin (5 Digit Pin code) - Don't Lose This! Go through quick tutorial (20 seconds) Starting out Now that you're all set I'm going to tell you the essential things that will make your adventure a lot better. Do the command ::mempromo to get 3 days of free membership You can use the ::bank command or press F6 to access the bank from ANYWHERE! Access to ::mz (Member's zone) which allows you to buy Overloads at level 1! ( I recommend stocking up before your trial membership runs out) Use ::benefits to see more perks Getting some gold (5M Start) Thieving Thieving stall are left of the bank, start at the leftmost stall. Nooby Stall [Lvl 1] - ~25k GP Rookie Stall [Lvl 25]- ~35k GP Intermediate Stall [Lvl 50] - ~45k GP Professional Stall [Lvl 75] - ~55k GP Expert Stall [Lvl 90] - ~58k GP Construction Gain 2.5M/per inventory! Once you have a full inventory talk to the Builder and select the first option to sell everything. To the right of the ancient altar by the bank is the construction station, click to create chair/bed automatically to gain Construction XP Seriously the simplest way to make some money when you start off. Fishing Go to Skilling Teleports > Fishing & Cooking and purchase (Small Fishing Net, Lobster Pot, Fly Fishing Rod) Start with Shrimp [Lvl 1] until Lobsters [Lvl 40] Fish Lobsters until you can fish Rocktails [Lvl 90] Once you hit level 90, head to ::3xpk and farm Rocktails (Be CAREFUL this is a pk zone so I recommend not carrying anything you would want to lose while fishing) Gain 3.8M/per inventory! Leveling your character Melee/Ranged/Mage [Also great money maker!] Bank contains basic gear for all forms of combat. Grab Teh Justin's Longone (sword) from the bank along with some gear. Run NORTH, then EAST and fight the Chaos Druids there and focus on loot: Runes to sell to the Gold4Junk NPC Trading Sticks (Click on these to convert to GP) Clue Scrolls ! Charms Gain ~1.5M/per Kill! Prayer Teleport to ::3xpk 100 Baby Dragon Bones are in the bank, take them out and BURY them Since you are in the Triple Experience area you'll be getting more EXP than the gilded altar at ::home but you are at risk of being PK'd. If you need more bones: [MEMBER] Go to ::mz and use the BLACK Portal to get to Mithril Dragons which drop 30 noted Mithril Bars & 30 noted Dragon Bones EVERY kill! [NON-MEMBER] Monster Teleport > Taverly Dungeon > Squeeze through pipe > Blue Dragons Monster Teleport > Next Page(x4) > Frost Dragons Summoning Go to Skilling Teleport > Next Page (x3) > Summoning This is where your charms from earlier come in handy. Talk to Pikkupstix to purchase: Spirit Shards Pouches Wolf bones Iron Bars Pots of flour Unicorn Horns Create Pouches from materials: - Spirit Wolf Pouch [Lvl 1] - Iron Minotaur Pouch [Lvl 46] - Ravenous Locust Pouch [Lvl 68] - Unicorn Stallion Pouch [Lvl 88] Upgrading gear ::search Method Now that you've hit level 138 we should upgrade your gear and the easiest way will be searching the Player Owned Stores using the ::search command. We will first search for an Abyssal whip by typing ::search and then "Abyssal whip" A list of all stores containing the whip will show and with the price for it. ~20M is usually the price for a whip which is no problem using the gold methods above. Click on the store and purchase the item as you would at an NPC shop. Slayer Talk-to Kuradel and get a slayer task from her. Right click the Enchanted Gem and select Goto-task to teleport directly to your task. Once you reach level 85 you can head to the Slayer Tower and fight Abyssal Demons on the Third Floor to get an Abyssal Whip! You can also get a colored whip from any (Desert, Jungle, Ice) Strykewyrms by using Boss Teleport > Next Page > (Desert, Jungle, Ice) Strykewyrm. Barrows Now that you've got your whip head to ::barrows to get some tankier armor. There is no need for a spade as the Barrows Brothers are all above ground and multiple units of them. You can talk to the Weird Old Man to repair any broken Barrows gear (eg. Dharok Greataxe 0) Revenants This is in the WILDERNESS so you can get PK'd here. BRING FOOD & POTIONS Use the ::revs command to teleport to revenants and slay them until the drop PVP armor Vesta's Chainbody & Vesta's Plateskirt Statius Platebody & Statius Platelegs If you get attacked by another player use your Deflect curses and run south until level 20 Wilderness and teleport ::home Useful In-Game Commands ::home ::commands ::guides ::dropguide ::priceguide ::quick1 (Quick Teleport Commands 1) ::quick2 (Quick Teleport Commands 2) ::shop/::billshop (Player Owned Shops) ::3xpk (Triple XP PK Zone) ::mz ::bank or F6