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  1. Well done, great update!
  2. chink

    Drop boost cape

    Buying drop boost cape for 250b cash
  3. chink

    raids 2

    Yeah maybe if it had 3 levels easy, medium, and hard so it could be compatible with all players in-game. OF COURSE WITH DIFFERENT DROP RATES +1
  4. chink

    Clan war! [EXPIRED]

    I'm down, GONNA BE A LEADER, pm me in-game or here if you wanna JOIN THE TEAM!
  5. chink

    Claim Your Forum Rank Here!

  6. Here's my list of suggestions that I am sure will help the server and it's economy lots 1. Adding a Bills4Items shop, it buys your 2b+ items for 60%-75% of their original price on the price guide. As of right now, cash is short, many items could sell for less than half price in exchange for cash, THATS HOW RARE CASH IS RIGHT NOW. Not only would the shop get cash flowing, but it will also act as a sink, making the total value ingame less, which is good to keep the economy healthy. 2. Balancing Pvm bosses; I've seen a lot of people needing new content into the game, but I think that's absurd knowing that we have 60 bosses, but the thing is, players camp only about 5-8 of those bosses. What I am suggesting is, balancing the drop table for all bosses so that everyone could enjoy pvming and there would be less competition for the 5-8 bosses players camp. There's no point in killing the other bosses due to how bad their drops are. 3. Giving all Pvm drops a fair alch value; That will be easier, because then you won't need to fix all 20k items alch value's and it will also help the players out tons. 4. Adding an untradeable armor set, (maybe disturbed dragon set? since icy exists) as a rare reward from specific hard bosses, armor is op and has a special ability. That should promote pvming and keeps everyone grinding. 5. Changing the area where the Bandit shopkeeper stands to make it more obvious for the new players; many players don't know that the ::search command or the "Grand Exchange" exists. YES IK, ITS CONTROVERSIAL. 6. Adding a High risk arena, and fixing Dharok pking. This will definitely help the server and will 100% get us more players as well as making some items more desirable ex: primal boots, it will definitely boost the economy. 7. Adding a runes magnet, idk it's fun? 8. Bandos avatars don't give annihilation points, don't you think they should? 9. Buffing crystal key chest - maybe adding some rares to the drops from the chest, cuz right now, there's no point in even opening them, well that is unless you need frost bones.
  7. 45, let's hope google's randomizer doesn't fail me GL y'all
  8. chink

    Updates of 07/28/2018 - Various Improvements

    nice, love the cannon update, looking forward to those new mystery boxes