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  1. bsnizzle5

    Forum Giveaways! [LIMITED TIME]: Ending August 15th

    Can I go for 36?
  2. bsnizzle5

    Clan war! [EXPIRED]

    This will happen we would deff like to see more clans in game for events like this for sure!
  3. bsnizzle5

    terrific server

    Glad you like the server! Hope to see you in game!
  4. bsnizzle5

    New video :D

    Good job. Hope to see more later on too!
  5. bsnizzle5

    Old Pk Videos

    GAHHH I remember these good o'l days. Was a day to be alive thats for sure
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  7. bsnizzle5

    Team Resistance

    Can't wait to have some fun!
  8. bsnizzle5

    Team Resistance

    Approved, Welcome to TR. Be prepared at all times please.
  9. bsnizzle5

    Team Resistance

    IGN: bsnizzle5 Pvm or Pvp: both If Pvm post best pvm gear: Lightning dragon helm/body/legs - fbr - ammy of valor - kryptonite defender - super ring of weath If Pvp do you have any multi pking experience? (yes/no): yes Do you have Discord? yes Time zone: EST What does dd stand for?: Death Dot What brings you to Team Resistance?: FAMILY Anything else we need to know?: Been here before. WAS A BLAST.
  10. bsnizzle5

    Updates of 07/28/2018 - Various Improvements

    Good to see updates rolling out keep up the good work!