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  1. yeh logged in with only my torva helm,plate and divine ss on my inv... quite annoying not a small loss
  2. Hey, so i wasnt online for about 22hours and now im missing gear. Had 3 items on invetory when logged in so seems like my account had been in wild even tho i logged out while i was at home. items missing: -Disturbed Whip -Dragon-Slayer Gloves -Steadfast boots -Legendary ring of wealth -Death angel cape -Torva legs (gold) -Amulet of fury Possible to get refund ? ---- not able to post on resolution center---
  3. simply make POD drop 25-100 of each crafting resource every kill, or just add more common drops. only drops so far seem to be rarely crystal key half's, common clues and trading sticks
  4. d00m


    That donator point trading would be nice, make it work like 1b tickets work also add them as rare drop from bosses.
  5. -Ability to buy more playershop slots -Money collecting gives 1b tickets, 100m tickets and cash - some sort of icon before player name or above player (like prayer icon) indicating that player has items in his shop for sale. -Rarer items like bandos items, darks bows sell to shop for bigger price