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    Forum Giveaways! [LIMITED TIME]: Ending August 15th

    done lol, 10 posts
  2. skilzyrian

    Team Resistance

    I wanna join ?
  3. skilzyrian

    New video :D

    nice vid bro
  4. skilzyrian

    nex sets for sale

    I'll keep it short and simple: I have 1 of each nex set, and i'm looking to sell them all. PM or reply with an offer and we can talk
  5. skilzyrian

    for HARDCORE fans

    THEY FINALLY UPLOADED IT!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  6. skilzyrian

    My Main's Stats for OSRS

    rs3 is for homo's though.
  7. skilzyrian

    $150 Giveaway!!!

    giveaway been done yet btw?
  8. skilzyrian

    Forum Giveaways! [LIMITED TIME]: Ending August 15th

    76. I know I don't have the forum posts, but everyone knows how active I am ingame, and I am online on discord alot
  9. skilzyrian

    prestiging suggestion

    So, I have a suggestion, about the prestiging system. Just thought i'd put it down here to see what the general mood would be about it. My first suggestion, I have a feeling it will be a popular idea, is: when prestiging, let's say from prestige 10 onwards (for example), you need not 99 in all stats, but 200m xp in all stats. I know this will seem like ALOT of work, but let's be honest, on a dxp day, or with xp buffs from bosses/votes/etc, getting maxed is a 10-minute job, and as fun as the server is, it could do with a little more challenge in skilling at least, and tbh, also in combat. So let's say, when you hit prestige 10, the stats needed for a new prestige are no longer 13m xp in all, but 200m xp in all, getting maxed for a prestige would take... idk, 3-4 hours? random guess. Makes prestiging more challenging, also makes the feeling of gaining a prestige more like a real achievement then it is now. Of course, getting "prestige god" title is always a nice achievement, but what if it took 4x as long? I think the feeling of achievement would be way more empowered tbh... thanks in advance for taking the time to read my topic :) LMK in a comment or ingame what you think! :D