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  1. This looks cool, I'm going to have to try it all out when i get on.
  2. kenji

    Updates as of August 15th 2018 - Client / PVP

    mainly next pieces, 30 pkp is pretty easy, especially if you go kill revs and sell statue's, the rest seem okay for now, but we can see how the pkp gain is.
  3. kenji

    Updates as of August 15th 2018 - Client / PVP

    Great update, might need to tweak shop prices
  4. kenji

    Team Resistance

    added to pvm
  5. kenji

    raids 2

    i support this. would be fun to do
  6. kenji

    Old Pk Videos

    #Team Resistance, Roll with us, or get rolled over
  7. kenji

    Clan war!

    We in it Ofcourse. Let me know when you wanting to make something happen withen next few days.
  8. kenji

    Team Resistance

    Great idea, And welcome to Team Resistance Glock
  9. kenji


    Welcome Remarks, Glad to have you here!
  10. kenji

    Team Resistance

    Accepted, welcome to Team Resistance, feel free to message me in game if u have any questions.
  11. kenji

    Team Resistance

    Well duh, you didn't need to apply tho lol, Accepted, Welcome to #TR
  12. kenji

    Team Resistance

    Reserved for changes
  13. kenji

    Team Resistance

    Team Resistance Introduction: Welcome to the Team Resistance recruitment clan thread, We have been around for a while, moving from rsps to rsps slowly taking over the wild, Looks like you are next Manic :D. But this time, i'm making a Pvm side as well. Currently recruiting for Pvm & Pvp Ranks: Owner Kenji PVP Leader Loadedglock Officer: Veteran: Member Recruit Pvm Ranks: Leader Bsnizzle5 Officer: Loadedglock Veteran: Member Remarks Application: After applying, pm one of the ranked members in game to look at application
  14. kenji


    I know we talked about this in game, but figure di would post it here just in case. I feel like the last 2 bosses of ::dodian need to have their drops revamped. Kamil drops zaros sword which is good and he is easy, then u go above him and it requires more prestige, and bosses are much harder for worse items. Maybe you could add like dchaos/dlightning to their drops or something, i'm not sure exactly. Food for thought