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  1. darkmage

    awsome job staff

    just want to give a shout out to the staff team of manic the since the updates server is running better then ever thankyou for the hardwork and dedication in making an amazing server keep up the great work guys
  2. darkmage

    Donation Deals [Wed-Sat]

    who knows what we are going to get next first we get a great server to play and they just keep adding new items and lots of places for pvm and lots of rewards cant ask for a better server
  3. darkmage

    Donation Deals [Wed-Sat]

    isanely great deals going on with manic really digging the server keep it up guys
  4. darkmage

    terrific server

    server is running better then ever great economy great people insane armor and weapon selection this is the one and only server for me thank you manic for a great game experience