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  1. snip3rlion2598745

    Clan war! [EXPIRED]

    add me to realm of death
  2. snip3rlion2598745

    Team Boss - Treus Dayth Guide!

    this boss is super easy if you have the right people great guide to beating him
  3. snip3rlion2598745

    Instanced Dungeon hard mode guide

    kite this is an awesome guide for instanced dungeon!
  4. snip3rlion2598745

    Gambling Guide

    awesome! and better guide for gambling so there is no scams
  5. snip3rlion2598745

    Guthix Dungeon Faqs and Tips! (WIP)

    awesome guide
  6. snip3rlion2598745

    Donor rank benefits

    so glad I've donated for donor zones
  7. snip3rlion2598745

    Gluttonous Behemoth Boss Guide

    very well done with this new boss guide
  8. snip3rlion2598745

    Earn 7 Mystery Boxes within minutes!

    This would be awesome for newcomers